Interview with Euphoria actor GREG BRYAN, “The audience will care immensely for these people and root for them.”

The cast of the television series include Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi and Barbie Ferreira. It has been created by Sam Levinson and is based on the Israeli series released in 2012.

Greg Bryan - Image by Peter Konerko

Euphoria shows Rue, a 17-year-old drug addict found by her sister after overdosing. The family send Rue back to rehab, but the facility are more interested in showing her how to hide the addiction.

Talking to Telly Binge, Greg says the show’s subject is unique – “This one gets really dark, it doesn’t hold back at all. My first reaction to it was ‘Oh My God, is this what kids are going through now in High School?’ The audience will come face to face with some dark things in our world for both adults and kids.”

“There are some incredibly sweet and tender moments too. People discovering love, finding that special trusted friend and discovering truths about themselves.


The actor plays Coach in the show. “He’s the football coach at the school, where one of the leads is the All-Star Quarterback.”

“Mostly he is there to help provide an atmosphere for the school scenes. My interaction is with large groups of High School Students.”

Nika King, who plays Leslie in the show recently said that the show will resonate with both young and old viewers. Greg agrees, “I think everyone of any age has had to make hard decisions with varying degrees of success. The decisions these characters have to make are so deep and personal.”

“It is a credit to Sam Levinson, he made each character very three dimensional. The audience will care immensely for these people and root for most of them.”

Greg’s recently appeared in Goliath (available on Amazon Prime Video). “I worked primarily with Nina Arianda and Marisa Echeverria, they were both so much fun to work with. The entire atmosphere on the set was relaxed and easy.”

“A fond memory from my first shoot day was between takes. Nina, Marisa and I just started singing Castle on a Cloud (Les Miserables), just a bunch of theatre nerds hard at work.”

So could we see Coach again on Euphoria? “I was thrilled to hear that it got picked up for a second season, so hopefully they will bring him back.”


“I’m excited to see a new TV show I’m in called Hombre (with Gael Garcia Bernal and written/directed by Jonas Cuaron), about the current border crisis in America.”

Euphoria is airing every Tuesday at 10pm on Sky Atlantic. The whole series will be available to watch on Now TV.