Freddie Iron SOS Who Dares Wins 2015
Freddie Iron is a recruit who has been put through a gruelling selection process on new television show SAS: Who Dares Wins.

In an exclusive to Telly Binge, we caught up with Iron to discuss the manic training schedule, how he got involved and his health regime before the show.

The Channel 4 show is currently airing weekly and Freddie says the production was stunning, "They dig very deep into the personality of every individual. They search for qualities that the Special Forces would look for."

His involvement was all down to word of mouth, "My mate from University has a cousin, who is one of the producers on the show. I was a bit hesitant but it really intrigued me. I put together an application and went through a phone interview, Skype interview, fitness test, psychological test and cardio pulmonary exercise test. I am so glad I did it. You only really get one chance to do this."

With thirty civilians invited into the show, how many were well prepared? Freddie says he was, sort of, "I was training for the Enduroman Arch to Arch triathlon (finishing at the Arc de Triomphe). I had just completed a seventy three mile run in February, but I don't spend much time in the gym and hate push ups. I was also not working at high intensity. So I was in very good shape, though I had never been put through a physical and mental challenge before SAS."

All recruits in the television series are greeted by their Staff – Ant, Colin, Foxy and Ollie. They come across as quite easy going at times, but that apparently wasn't the case – "They kept the intensity up the whole time. Their relaxing time was behind the scenes and not on show for us. To be honest they were terrifying!"

Iron continued, "We were usually following one of them, they got stuck in which made you respect them. They were very fair and gave us good advice; they understood we had no experience. However they didn't expect to have to tell us anything twice."

Freddie Iron SOS Who Dares Wins 2015
During most episodes, Freddie has the opportunity to leave – but was there any temptation at all? “Absolutely not, it was a very long ride to get home. It was incredibly intimidating but my curiosity was too much. I had to find out how far I could take it. They constantly reminded us that we had an easy option out and it could all stop straight away.”

With filming now complete, what’s next? “I would love to hear if anyone has any mad ideas or challenges. I have also setup a company called Project Per4mance which provides keen sports enthusiasts with customised training programmes. It’s in the early stages, but it’s designed for the everyday human looking to get more out of their sports and create a flexible attitude towards training.”

Freddie Iron spoke to Telly Binge in October 2015. To find out more about Freddie, follow him on Twitter. SAS: Who Dares Wins continues on Monday, 21:00 on Channel 4