Fans of Gomorrah will be well aware of Fortunato Cerlino. The actor recently starred in the Italian crime series, with Season 2 now being available on Amazon. Whilst others may know him for his role within Hannibal.



Speaking to Telly Binge, Fortunato says that his character’s (Pietro Savastano) private life and power status have radically changed. “The second season opens with Pietro finding himself in a completely different situation. Imma is no longer by his side; she was not just his wife but also another part of him. She was the lioness of his pack, his confidante, the mirror of his soul that was holding together a possible identity.”

“The other major change is his impaired power status. He is a king without a throne, usurped by his opponents. His trusted men have betrayed him; his son has not lived up to protect his family.”

If you missed Season 2 on Sky Atlantic, Cerlino says there will be fireworks, “Pietro is like a wild animal with no feeding or emotional nourishment. A bomb of devastating rage set to go off which will cause irreparable damage. There will be a clash with Pietro’s blackest soul which he won’t come out of unharmed. He will be overcome by himself and his evil existence.”

The Italian was keen to add that women were essential to criminal systems. “This aspect is often underestimated, female characters holding the reins of criminal power and sometimes representatives of real cartels. They do mean a lot even when they are just by someone’s side, these men find in their women some kind of psychological support to prop up their hideous normality. Every human being, even the most despicable person needs a home, a place of warmth and affection.”


Following the actor on Twitter, we recently spotted him retweet personal praise Marco Palvetti. Though Fortunato though was very keen to praise the entire team, “The producers Sky Italia, Stefano Sollima and Laura Muccino identified talented actors not necessarily already known to the general public. During the auditions they met hundreds of talent actors. Marco Palvetti, but also Salvatore Esposito, Marco D’Amore, Mariapia Calzone, Fabio De Caro, Cristiana Dell’anna, Lino Musella, Cristina Donadio - just to name a few but the same goes for all, might have never come into the limelight if it weren’t for Gomorrah and for the vision shown by the production, editorial and artistic management.”

“Working with them was confirmation that Italy has never stopped churning out extraordinary talents for cinema and theatre. The public hailed this production revolution with great warmth and support. My hope is that Gomorrah could become an example that feeds a logic allowing for the renewal of the cultural lifeblood of our country and beyond. Italy can make a strong contribution in the field of cultural production, and Gomorrah is one shining example of that.”

Before Gomorrah, Fortunato says he turned down a number of jobs as he was waiting the right project to get involved with. “I knew Gomorrah was going to be something extraordinary and although I did not expect the huge success, I had guessed the kind of impact it would have on the general public. Behind the series there was Roberto Saviano’s soul, he loves his country in a poignant and passionate way. I have an infinite respect for Roberto.”

You may not know that Cerlino is also highly-sought in the theatre industry. So what’s the main difference between television series and live performing? “In theatre you learn techniques to get the audience intimately involved into the inner action of protagonists. We must keep in mind that the main action does not take place in the actor, but in the audience. In cinema the viewer gets even closer to the actor, he is next to him and get excited with him at a distance that helps intimacy.”

We also asked who the actor enjoyed working with through Season Three of Hannibal. “I had the good fortune of working extraordinary protagonists. I shared a lot with Laurence Fishburne, Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy. I remember walking along The Arno with Laurence at the end of a filming day in Florence, we told each other about our lives, dreams, nightmares. I shared many funny and surprising cigarette breaks with Mads, who is an actor of rare. Hugh is moved by a unique inspiration and the relationship he builds up with his character, kindness and seriousness. This makes the set where he offers his talent really precious.”


So what’s next for Fortunato? “I’ll be working on the set of Britannia, a colossal TV Series produced by Sky UK which tells the story of the Roman Empire’s conquest of Britannia in 43 AD under the domination of Emperor Claudius. On top of that, over the next six months three films I took part in will be released in theatres (below).”

  • Falchi (directed by Toni D’Angeloa)
  • Socialmente Pericolosi (directed by Fabio Venditti)
  • Senza Fiato (directed by Raffaele Verzillo)”.

Fortunato Cerlino was talking to Telly Binge in July 2016. Season 2 of Gomorrah is available to buy from Amazon.