Interview with Miss Holland star ELINE VAN DER VELDEN, who created the series and appears as the character. She talks about Brexit, a new generation of comics and filming future episodes.

The series (available on BBC Three) will follow the rude beauty queen returning to the UK and finding out what makes Britain great. Expect a ton of random contributors to be left confused by her bizarre questioning style.


It came about in LA after locals tried to mould Eline into an American girl, “I tried to put on makeup and I failed, but when you wear makeup there is a massive reaction, people treat you differently.”

“I wanted to test this, and I wondered what reactions I would get if I did a beauty queen character, and what I could get away with. I wanted to push this to the limit.”

“To perfect the accent, I listened to my mother and copied her. I had lost the accent over the years.”

Though what makes Miss Holland great? “It really pushes the envelope of female comedy, women going out and looking at the concept in British society, and it’s challenging what we think is normal.”

“I analysed social constructs for a year and then I wrote the script for a year. I also did impro training at Uprights Citizens Brigade, so most of the time it’s improvising. I never know what the contributor will say.”


The show itself is aiming to find what makes Britain great by asking random public members questions. “After Brexit people had forgotten how great Britain is. Each episode highlights what is great about British society, so we can celebrate it.”

One of the famous contributors Chloe Crowhurst (ex Love Island) also got quite a surprise. “Chloe was in shock with all the body and armpit hair I grew out. She said boys wouldn’t like the pubic hair.”

The series itself was picked up thanks to another BBC Three series. “I had started doing a science comedy show called Putting It Out There. They watched more of my previous videos of Miss Holland. It reached Daily Mail because I asked people to sing the national anthem.”

“The show has taken a long time to get commissioned because I had no money to sustain the momentum.”

The broadcaster went exclusively online in 2016, and Eline says they are giving the new generation a chance. “I really love that BBC Three is picking up content from the people who go out and try something for themselves (on Dailymotion, YouTube etc).”

Meanwhile the personality recently remarked about her thirst to appear in I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!. “I’d love Miss Holland to be on 8 Out of 10 Cats, BBC News as a Royal Reporter, an assistant of Jonathan Ross or masseuse of Graham Norton.”

Though for now, Eline is just wanting more of the same. “I hope to film further Miss Holland episodes. I am writing a sitcom about physics and running my business Particle 6 Productions, where we make a lot of cool online contests.”


Eline Van Der Velden spoke to Telly Binge in March 2018. For updates, visit the official Miss Holland website.

Miss Holland is now available to watch on BBC Three Comedy and its YouTube Channel.