Interview with Britain’s Got Talent 2018 star DONCHEZ DACRES: “Hearing that almighty bang of the Golden Buzzer blew my mind, it was out of this world!”

The singer made it through to the BGT final in 2018. Currently from Wolverhampton, his real name is Herrol Dacres and he was working for AA at the time of his audition.


In his audition, Donchez sung Wiggle and Wine – which got the judges and crew wiggling! David Walliams went onto press the golden buzzer and Alesha Dixon called it the anthem of the series.

Speaking to Telly Binge, Donchez said he approached the audition with excitement. “I went with reserved but positive and happy vibes. I knew it could be a life changer.”

“If it went wrong, then it could have been very embarrassing for me. I just wanted to do my thing, hope that they liked it and avoided the dreaded red buzzers!”

Lost Voice Guy won BGT 2018, with Robert White and Donchez following behind. The 2019 series recently re-started on ITV and will now run until May.


He didn’t expect what happened next, “I really enjoyed the audition – Ant & Dec, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden were bussing moves on stage. Simon Cowell called me down, clapping, smiling and nodding his head to the music. All the audience seemed to enjoy it too.”

“I shook Simon’s hand and turned thinking that went well. Hearing that almighty bang when David hit the Golden Buzzer – it just blew my mind! I had to chill out to process what was happening. It was out of this world!”

The father-of-four says the BGT staff were fantastic. “The after care was great. Building up the semi-finals was such fun and informative as to what was to be expected.”

“The preparation with their personal vocal coaches, stage managers and producers was exceptional.”

“My advice to anyone who has got that desire or dream – go for it because you never know! Have fun and don’t take it too seriously.”

Wiggle Wine was released in November with an album and tour due out soon, “My nine track album is mastered and completed. It’s ready for release but we have a few more music videos to do.”

“Pretty Little Lady (his latest song release) is showing a more loving side of my journey as an artist of many styles.”

“It was written back in 2012 and is about being in love. It expresses the things you would do for that person to make them happy and fulfil all their desires.”


The BGT finalist says he’s enjoyed all of his performances so far. “Opening my home town of Wolverhampton’s New Market was special.”

“The World Championship Free Style Dance competition at the Winter Gardens (Blackpool) where I got the Golden Buzzer brought back fun memories.”

He paid special tribute to his fans, “I would like to give a big shout to all my supporters, for all the support and love that you have expressed. I salute you back with lots of blessing and look forward to entertaining you all very soon."

You can find all the latest information about Donchez Dacres by following him on his Official Facebook page.