Interview with Sliced actor DAVID MUMENI “The situations they find themselves in and the performances are what will get audiences laughing the most.”

Joshua and Ricky are two mates who just want to make some money, move out of their Mum’s and meet women. Sliced (which will air on Dave from tonight) is a comedy that focuses on the duo as they experience some ridiculous stuff which keeps getting in the way of their aims.


Talking to Telly Binge, Mumeni says the show is laugh out loud funny. “Samson Kayo and Phil Bowker (writers) have done a great job in making it look and feel authentically London, with a beautifully diverse and funny cast.”

“Josh and his mate Ricky are constantly getting themselves in and out of trouble working at a low rent, backstreet pizza parlour owned by my character Mario. I think the situations they find themselves in and the performances are what will get audiences laughing the most.”

Samson recently said that he had an idea of how he wanted Mario, but David had created a brand new human being. “When I was first sent the script I wasn’t sure what to do with it. The character breakdown said maybe Albanian, but I instantly knew what he should sound like”.

“I grew up around middle Eastern peers and although from an Iranian heritage, I have lots of Arab family - I thought I’d bring a bit of them to it.”

“I took a lot of influence from a driving instructor I had, he would often ask me a lot of questions fully knowing he was going to answer them himself. There is a lot of that in Mario. He has no filter, shouts at everyone and thinks everyone respects him.”

“He says and does what he likes. I think that is what’s so fun about playing him, he’s the character you both hate and love at the same time.”


The show itself was first announced by UKTV in October 2018 and David says he felt calm throughout. “I’ve worked with Al Campbell (the director) and crew before on Dead Pixels. It just makes things so much easier when you have nice people around you. You can relax and it allows you to play, which is so important when doing a comedy.”

“I love working with Phil, he has a lot of integrity and really cares about the work he’s making. I first met Phil when I worked on Phoneshop. I trust him, he’s really encouraging when you’re on set.”

Samson is just the loveliest, most generous man around.”

The show was given a screening on Wednesday 1 May, “We had a great time there, it was great to hear and see people take to it so much.”

“We made the teaser years ago, so it’s a piece we are all quite invested in. I think people really liked it!”

Away from Sliced, you will see Mumeni in cinemas from November 2019 – during the release of Last Christmas. “The amazing Emma Thompson wrote the film and one of my best mates Emilia Clarke stars in it.”

“I remember when she told me about the new job she was going to start filming on, I thought that sounds nice. It was quite funny when I ended up getting cast in it, in a scene with her! It’s a lovely Christmas romcom. I have a feeling it might be the next Love Actually!”


He will also join the team of Stath Lets Flats written by Jamie Demetriou, with series 2 due out this year. “It has a brilliant cast and has just been nominated for the two BAFTA Awards so I’m super honoured and a bit nervous to be joining the line up!”

The whole series of Sliced is now available to catchup on www.uktvplay.co.uk