Dave Nath is the Director behind new show The Murder Detectives (starts Monday 30 November). His CV includes shows such as Bedlam, Living with a Stalker and Ramsay’s Boiling Point.

The Murder Detectives is a new Channel 4 show, which follows the twists and turns of a real police investigation. It's recently been announced that the programme will follow the murder of Nicholas Robinson, a teenager from Bristol.

Speaking exclusive to Telly Binge, Dave Nath has told us about the series and why you should be sure to catch it.

So what makes it unique? "It shows in forensic detail how you solve a murder. It isn't seen only from the point of view of an investigation, but also the view of the victim's family and to a degree, the killer and his family."

In March 2014, Nicholas Robinson's homicide shocked the United Kingdom, "The murder of Nicholas shines a light on what is going on right now. Young men are being stabbed and killed on our streets for no reason. The Murder Detectives shows the reality for families left to cope."

The Murder Detectives is created by Films of Record, but how did it come about? "They have a long history of working with the police on documentary films. Films of Record approached Avon and Somerset Police about making a series following a murder. There was willingness from the force, but it took months of discussions before an agreement was reached."

The series has gone even further to make it different from others, "We don't include interviews with the police and there is no commentary. It's shot in an unmediated way - so you can't feel the presence of the camera. There is also a strong musical score written by Jon Opstad."

"We wanted to protect and enhance the natural drama that is inherent in a murder investigation. Ultimately the thing we hope that will stay with the viewers is the stark reality of a murder as it's experienced by Nicholas’s parents and fiancee."

Dave Nath was talking to Telly Binge in November 2015. He is an award winning director and you can visit his official website at http://www.davenath.com. The Murder Detectives starts Monday, November 30.

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