Interview with INNOCENT actor DANIEL RYAN, who plays Phil. He talks about acting alongside Lee Ingleby, filming in Malahide and his time on Mount Pleasant.

Innocent follows David (Lee Ingleby) who has been convicted of murdering his wife Tara. He has always stated his innocence, despite serving seven years in prison. He is acquitted, but his life is in tatters - his reputation destroyed, the family house is gone and a custody battle looms for his two children.


Phil is David’s brother and he’s always remained loyal. Daniel explained, “Phil is his only real family and true friend. He has campaigned tirelessly to prove his brother had no part in his wife’s murder.”

“After three re-trials, David is released on a technicality. Phil provides a home for him and the support to get his life and children back.”

“This is certainly a story of two brothers becoming closer due to horrendous circumstances. It is a family torn apart and Phil really feels that he is the only person that can help guide David back into a new life. He is genuinely the only person who believes in him.”

Ryan has previously appeared in series such as Home Fires, Mount Pleasant and The Whistleblowers.


This is the second time that Daniel has worked alongside Lee Ingleby, after being involved in Jimmy McGovern’s drama series The Street. “I have really enjoyed working with him. Many of the scenes were just with Lee, so I suppose we became really close during the shoot to show a convincing bond. He is such a great and committed actor”.

The Englishman also went to drama school with fellow star Hermione Norris. The actress recently described filming in Malahide as creating a very real world. Daniel agrees, “Malahide is a quite coastal town and was an ideal base for the feel that Innocent needed.”

“We were all in a simple hotel and apart from the local pub and restaurants, there wasn’t very much else around. So as a company of actors, we were able to spend time together and really focus on the piece.”

Other cast to appear in Innocent are Adrian Rawlins, Angel Coulby and Nigel Lindsay. The series is available on DVD.

Ryan himself is known for his time on Mount Pleasant, appearing in all 6 Series. “It was such a joyous job, with a tight community of actors - all focused on making great entertainment and having a lovely time. Mount Pleasant was shot on a cosy cul-de-sac just outside Manchester and at a great studio which felt like home.”

The show was cancelled in 2017, having ran for six years. “We were all massively disappointed when the show came to an end, but were pleased that Sky gave us a final in order to tie the show up.”

“If they decided to bring it back, they would have a hard time of stopping any of us doing it again! The chance to work with Sally Lindsay – singing and dancing with Bobby Ball are things never to be missed!”

Telly Binge spoke to Daniel Ryan in May 2018. Follow him on Twitter for updates.

Innocent is currently airing on ITV1, is available to watch online at ITV Hub and has been released on DVD.