Interview with BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT Finalist DALISO CHAPONDA. He discusses being on BGT, his upcoming 2018 tour (What the African Said) and which performers he watches at home.


Many of us saw the Malawian comedian for the first time when he auditioned BGT in 2017, judge Amanda Holden hit the Golden Buzzer and he went onto become a Finalist of the competition.

Amanda’s fondness of the funny-man continued into the Semi’s, where she described his content as very near the edge. “I am that edgy comedian who discusses controversial subjects - but in a way that you can watch it with your Mum and not feel embarrassed.”

Though did BGT ever stop any jokes? “I got a lot of feedback about what was acceptable to say as it was a pre-watershed show. I was amazed that they let me get away with most of the jokes. I discussed slavery, colonialism and religion.”


So how does Daliso view his own comedy? “I like the journey of taking people from seeing how different we are, to how alike. So I start, I am Malawian, black, short and speak like – to the audience realising just how alike we are. It is always very fulfilling. I adapt to different countries by writing about universal themes - Everyone has a family and heartbreak.

It’s a surprise to many (including myself), that BGT has never had a comedian winner. Daliso was the nearest to achieve this feat – whilst other names such as Callum Oakley, Jack Carroll, Ned Woodman, Philip Green and Toju have all made the live shows.

“I think comedy can win next year! The popularity of funny acts like Michael McIntyre, who fill an area, shows that somebody can get the mainstream public vote.”

“All I really did was practice a lot and then try to perform at my best. The nerves were hard to deal with in the Final, but I think that is true for every performer. Keeping your cool in a life changing moment is nigh impossible.”

Chaponda will hit theatres in 2018 with his tour What the African Said. “I can’t wait to show people the full breadth of what I can do.” There was 20 extra dates added recently due to high demand.

“Nottingham Glee which opens the tour should be great. I am looking forward to Brighton Komedia as I have done stand-up comedy in the venue before. I have seen comedians at London’s Leicester Square Theatre, so it will be great to join their ranks.”

So who have been Daliso’s inspirations? “Joan Rivers, Redd Fox and Richard Pryor. I love them all for different reasons. They all have honesty, are constantly taking risks and writing a lot. This is what I aspire to do myself.”

“My favourites acts performing now are Bill Burr, Chris Rock, Sarah Millican and Sugar Sammy.”


Daliso says he will be doing additional work next year, “I will be writing a sitcom, a radio play and a novel.”

Telly Binge spoke to Daliso Chaponda in December 2017, visit his Official Website for tour updates.