Cristiana Dell’Anna has been starring in Sky Atlantic’s crime series Gomorrah. The Second Season is now available on Amazon, but did you know that she auditioned for the original series?


Cristiana Dell'Anna Interview

Speaking to Telly Binge, the actress says it was upsetting to not get a part in the first season. “I was heartbroken because I didn’t get it. I imagined the character that I was reading for being very young. So I dressed up accordingly and I wore a hoody, which I thought made me look younger. They never called me back, although I was told the audition went very well and they were even contemplating me for a different role, but it never happened.”

Luckily Cristiana was not to be denied, and the role of Patrizia was offered. The character is Malammore’s eldest niece and assistant to Don Pietro. The Italian says it came out of the blue, “I had to do six auditions. This time I was determined, I knew I was her from the first scene of the first audition. I cut my hair, I dressed up again and I made sure that when they looked at me, they didn’t see Cristiana, but they saw Patrizia.”

Cristiana Dell'Anna Interview

Her character helps out mob boss Don Pietro, but why is Patrizia desirable to him? “She is young, brave, very intelligent and trustworthy. No one knows who she is, so she can move unobserved. What makes her so appealing is her strength. She’s not afraid of him and never lacks the nerves to confront him.”

Speaking before our interview, she mentioned that her social background helped her prepare for Gomorrah. We wanted to find out more, “I was lucky to be born in a family that taught me good values. Though I, like many more, grew up in a corrupted territory where legality is a hard path to follow.”

Of course there is always a moment which is challenging for an actress, Dell’Anna says her personal life made a certain scene problematic, “the scenes where my brother is captured, because it’s easy to relate to. I have a younger brother in real life.”

You may not know that Cristiana is currently learning French. “I am obsessed with communication, I chose French just to begin with. In my dream world, we would all speak like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars!”

Gomorrah has been just renewed for a third and fourth season, and the actress made it clear she would be involved, if invited.


Away from the TV Show, she is an avid supporter of breast cancer fundraising events such as Race for the Cure. “I was supposed to run in the Rome marathon, but I fell ill. I believe it is important for me to understand it, then to promote awareness.”

Cristiana Dell'Anna was talking to Telly Binge in July 2016. Season 2 of Gomorrah is available to buy from Amazon.