Actress CHRISTINE BOTTOMLEY will be known by most for her appearances on Hope Springs, Massive and film The Arbor. Since 2014, she has been starring as Vicky on IN THE CLUB. Season 2 of the series was released on DVD in June.



Towards the end of Season 1, Chris (performed by Brendan Patricks) finally owns up to his feelings for Vicky, but also confessed that he needed to find his wife to file for divorce. This leaves poor Vicky to cope by herself!

Speaking to Telly Binge, Christine says her character won’t be bullied. “Vicky sticks up for Chris when others being to question why he is not around. She comes to realize that she does have a right to be angry, so that begins to come through also. She is struggling to cope with a full time job on top of parenthood.”

As she grapples with everyday life, she is dealt with a blow. Helen, a new mother dies after delivering her baby. Vicky is under suspicion and must face the questions coming her way. “I think she goes through the course of actions she took during and directly after Helen’s birth a million times.”

“She is certainly wracked with guilt, a life has been lost. She throws her professionalism into question as she was not copying very well in her personal life and thinks this may have got in the way. Vicky certainly realizes changes have to be made to the way she lives.”


What people may not know, is that actors have a great deal of preparation to do before scenes. Bottomley for instance, gave birth on screen but hasn’t done it in real life.

So how does somebody know what to do in that sort of scene? “The birth scene was a challenge but one which I was very much looking forward to. I read up on it, talked to people and then there is a point where you just go for it.” She continued, “You want to get it right so it looks as real as it possibly can. Thinking back I loved that day of filming with Lorraine Cheshire at my side. I was really pleased with how it looked.”

There are many rumors that Series 3 is just around the corner, but nothing has been announced just yet. “I love the cast and crew of this show. With Kay Mellors writing and working with such a talented bunch on and off screen, it’s an honor to be a part of.”

Meanwhile Christine had a large part to play in an episode of Torchwood. She played Maggie who was thinking about suicide and meets Owen (Burn Goreman) on top of a roof. “The majority of my scenes were with Burn. He is an old friend of mine and we worked together at the Royal Court Theatre, so it was lovely to film with him.”

How challenging was the performance itself? “It was mainly night shoots in Cardiff and we were on top of a very high building! I enjoyed that shoot and I would love to do an episode of Doctor Who one day, as Russell T Davis is a genius!”

Bottomley is an avid television fan away from set, “I have started watching the third series of The Bridge, Sofia Helin is extraordinary. I absolutely loved Mum on BBC2 and have been watching a lot of Ken Loach’s (director) work too. My guilty pleasure is Gogglebox.”


The actress has just finished performing a series of radio drams, which have been recorded in binaural sound. “The play is written from the perspective of a woman who has suffered a brain injury. She is able to hear and understand those around her, when they think she can’t. Linda Marshall Griffiths wrote the piece. It is devastating but at the same time, full of hope.”

Christine Bottomley was talking to Telly Binge in June 2016. Season 2 of In The Club is available to buy from Acorn DVD.