Channel 4 has been taking a funny, satirical look at the Royal Family, as they’e never been seen before in the sitcom THE WINDSORS. Series one and two are now out on DVD


Celeste Dring appears in the show as Princess Eugenie of York. Don’t know her? Don’t feel bad, neither did we, nor the actress herself! “I didn’t do a whole lot of research. She is a less well-known public figure.”

“I watched a whole lot of Made in Chelsea, which helped me to get into character. It also irreparably dulled my soul!”

Bert Tyler-Moore described Eugenie as a dim girl and Dring totally agrees. “My character is just super-dumb really, that is her defining trait.”


Dring’s previous experience includes time on Morgana Robinson’s The Agency (Sauce Scientist). Meanwhile over on YouTube, you can generally find her on Lazy Susan’s channel.

The Windsors’ has been seen as controversial at times, with Celeste thinking this helps the series popularity. “There is still a sort of ongoing fascination with the royals, and people probably enjoy squaring their ideas with the writer’s (George Jeffrie and Bert Tyler-Moore).”

“The style of the show is really big and silly. I don’t think there is a lot of scripted comedy on television like that at the moment. The Windsors has warmth and the writing is sharp.”

The Windsors which recently finished airing Season 2, stars big names such as Harry Enfield, Hugh Skinner, Haydn Gwynne and Richard Goulding.

The actress says that she would prefer to be the funniest, but suggested Lou Ford (who plays Kate Middleton) is currently standing out. “She has got this goofy quality that is very funny – but all the actors are hillarious.”

Season 2 saw the introduction of Meghan Markle, but the show isn’t just mimicking Royal Family members. High-profile politicians have entered too - such as imitations of Donald Trump, Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May.


Away from the sitcom, Celeste says she enjoys lots of comedians. “If I was to treat myself to live comedy - I would see John Kearns, Lou Sanders, Jordan Brookes or Sarah Kendall. They all really make me laugh. They are quite different from each other, so I’m not sure what my type is.”

The comedy performer is herself aiming to be busy. “I have a series coming out on BBC Radio 4 with Freya Parker called The East Coast Listening Post. I also shot a web series with Tom Rosenthal called Absolutely Fine – and in 2018 I will be making a small appearance in the second series of This Country.

Celeste Dring spoke to Telly Binge in August 2017. The Windsors Series 1 & 2 including Christmas Special is now available on DVD. You can keep up to date with Celeste on IMDB.