The third season of THE LEGACY has been released on DVD. The drama aired on Sky Arts this year and the story aims to be a landmark event.


Actor CARSTEN BJORNLUND says that the show is character driven. “I think what catches most people are the characters. We are all about family and relations, so it's very recognizable and that is our real strength.”

The show from Denmark was created by Maya Ilsoe and produced by broadcaster DR. It first aired in Denmark back in January 2014, but has since aired in the United Kingdom and been sold to an American production company (Universal Cable Productions) for a potential remake.

Series Three starts with the four heirs in peace with their past. Bjornlund performs as Frederik, who has been living in America having enjoyed a successful career. So when Frederik decides to return, have the family evolved in his absence and what will await him?

“He is coming to terms with his role in life, as a father and the son of an artist. He has been wrestling with his inner demons for so long, but now it is time to embrace them.”


So how was acting as the character? “Once I got to know Frederik well, he was quite an enjoyable man to be around.”

The Copenhagen born actor says he enjoyed filming. “Working as part of a truly powerful team was a big thrill. Everyone went for the ball. I can say that the capabilities of people I have worked with on The Legacy, both on and off set, have taught me valuable lessons as a professional and a human being.”

The Legacy is not penned to restart, with Season Three expected to be the last. “If you are asking will there be a Fourth, the answer is No. Maya Ilso always intended three seasons - but being a show about family, I think it will have value even in the future.”

Carsten revealed that his next project is a mini-series based Liberty, a novel by Danish writer Jakob Ejersbo. It’s about Scandinavian expats in Tanzania, starring Sofie Gråbøl, Connie Nielsen, Magnus Krepper and himself.


Moving forward and he has a premier in August. “QEDA is the first Danish Sci-Fi movie in approximately twenty years. Max Kestner (the Director) has created a dystopian story about what might happen if we don’t address climate change. I play Officer Fang Rung, who sets off to save the world." Can Fang save the world? The trailer for QEDA is available online.

Carsten Bjornlund spoke to Telly Binge in June 2017. Series Three of The Legacy is available on DVD now. Get updates on Carsten by following his Twitter.

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