Interview with THE BRIDGE writer CAMILLA AHLGREN. She talks about Saga jailed, questioning identity and new series Quicksand.

Season 4 of The Bridge (available on DVD from 2 July) starts with Henrik looking for the truth about what happened to his children and family. Meanwhile Saga remains in prison, as the jury deliberate whether she killed her Mother.


Saga’s (Sofia Helin) predicament is difficult says Camilla. “It affects Saga mentally, in jail she cannot have her own rules. She is no longer a police officer and that affects her identity. Who is she; if not a police officer? She has to find out and gets help from a psychologist.”

“Henrik (Thure Lindhart) struggles with his own demons and tries to find help in AA. He nearly gives up, thinking he will never find his children, but who is he; if he is not searching for them?”

Throughout Series 4, we will see the police investigating a new case. The murders are all linked to Tommy, a gangster and police informer. “Identity is the theme for Season 4. We work with the theme identity, the murders are linked to this theme.”


In a recent interview, actors Sofia and Thure discussed their knowledge of the story-line’s. Camilla says The Bridge gave the actors a chance to provide feedback, “They both read the storyline, so they know what is going to happen with their characters.”

“We discuss it and they can have input on their characters and we get ideas from them.”

Also starring in Series 4 are Mikael Birkkjaer, Sarah Boberg and Maria Kulle.

The Bridge itself was always intended to be a four-part project, and the writer says it was a good journey. “I am proud of all my work, but this is special and is the most successful series I have worked on.”

“I wish to thank the audience around the world for supporting and loving The Bridge and especially Saga.”

It has been streamed in various countries, most notably Sweeden (STV1), Denmark (DR1) and the United Kingdom (BBC Four and then BBC Two). In 2014 is also hit acclaim, winning two Golden Nympth Awards for Best European Drama Series and Best Actor (Kim Bodnia).

So, what should you binge on now that The Bridge is finished? We asked Camilla for some suggestions, “I am watching Trust (about Paul Getty’s family and kidnapping in the 70’s), it’s thrilling and exciting with good actors.”

“Killing Eve is another one, with strong female characters. Though if you want a Scandinavian touch, then Grazoon is very popular.”


Camilla herself is currently working on a new project. “I am working as head-writer with the series Quicksand, the first Swedish Netflix production, which is based on a novel with the same title by Malin Persson Giolito.”

Telly Binge spoke to Camilla Ahlgren in June 2018. Follow her on IMBd for updates.

The Bridge Season 4 & The Bridge Season 1-4 Box Set are released on DVD & Blu-ray on Monday 2nd July by Arrow TV. The final episode airs on BBC TWO on Friday 29th June at 9pm.