BLEEDING FINGERS MUSIC is the company behind the original soundtrack for PLANET EARTH 2 which has been released as an album. They have also been behind music of Insomnia, Little Big Shots and The American West.


Jasha Klebe and Jacob Shea (who work for the company) spoke to Telly Binge and explained how the BBC show soundtrack came about. “Bleeding Fingers Music was invited to pitch for the show against a number of composers. Thankfully we were fortunate enough that our pitch was chosen. Hans Zimmer wrote an amazing main theme for the series and produced the music, and we wrote the underscore.”

So why did the Planet Earth 2 pick them? “We pitched something new and modern to the way wildlife documentaries have been scored in the past. We wanted a daring and cinematic approach to the series to compliment the advanced filming techniques used to capture these magnificent animals.”


The soundtrack has 49 tracks and was reviewed by Soundtracks and Trailer Music as ‘diverse, coherent and beautiful’. Whilst Mirror Online said ‘nothing reflects the awesome power of nature than a good score’.

What were they hoping for you, the viewer to hear during the score? “Our goal was to envelop the audience in these wild habitats, blurring the lines between what were natural sounds and what was music. We hope the audience felt the cool mountain air over the Alps, or experience the mysterious yet magical resonance felt when deep within the jungle.”

They added, “We were allowed to play with sonic perspective, lush sweeping orchestra and sound design for the larger than life moments; small ensemble and solo writing for more intimate moments.”

We then asked the pair what their favourite tracks was and why. Josh said, “The Racer Snake vs Iguana was a favourite for me. The mood of it felt very post-apocalyptic and that combined with the onscreen action allowed for some very dynamic and experimental textures.”

Jasha chose a different track, “The Wildson’s Bird-of-Paradise because it’s such a touching segment as he patiently waits to court a female. The filmmakers captured the scene in such an honest way that I found such joy in helping tell his story. These real life characters go through such extraordinary lengths to survive. It beats any Hollywood drama!”

How did they think Planet Earth 2 the series went? “It is breath-taking! A landmark piece that pushes the limits of technology to remind us how vibrant the world in which we live is. We particularly see the importance in the series as a way of reminding us the crucial role, we as humans play in coexisting with these animals in the natural world.”


What’s next? Jasha is “currently working scoring a drama starring Keke Palmer. ” Jacob on the other hand said, “Hans and I wrote the score for the Science Channel show Through The Wormhole (Season 7) which has just been completed.” The duo both hope to be working with the BBC again on new projects soon.

Jasha Klebe and Jacob Shea were talking to Telly Binge in December 2016. The Soundtrack of Planet Earth 2 has recently been released by Silva Screen Records. Keep up with Bleeding Fingers Music by visiting their official website.

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