Interview with Fosse/Verdon actress BIANCA MARROQUIN, “It is so real and doesn’t hold back. The truth hurts and can be very uncomfortable.”

Fosse/Verdon follows the troubled personal and professional relationship between Bob Fosse (director/choreographer) and Gwen Verdon (actress/dancer).


Bianca plays Chita Rivera in the series – an American actress, dancer and singer. She is known for her Broadway performances in shows such as Chicago and West Side Story.

Talking to Telly Binge, Bianca revealed she knew Rivera before the show – “I reached out as soon as I learned I’d be playing her. I’ve always admitted Chita’s electrifying energy to dance and her powerful presence on a stage. I have so much respect for her.”

“I tried to watch as many interviews and performances as I could, to capture her style and essence. I was also encouraged not to exactly impersonate her, but to bring Chita to life through my own vehicle. I tried to stay as true as I could.”


Also appearing in the series are Sam Rockwell, Michelle Williams, Norbert Leo Butz and Aya Cash.

The television show is an adaption of the biography by Sam Wasson, “Fosse/Verdon is so real and doesn’t hold back. The truth hurts and can be very uncomfortable.”

“It shares what was never exposed about the making of all their successes. Fosse had a successful accelerating journey but also a sad one. I think people appreciate a true and raw story.”

Steven Levenson described Fosse/Verdon as showing how things get made and the complications that go into building plays and musicals. Marroquin agrees, “There are so many stories, reasons and secrets that were never shared before that will stun you and leave you speechless.”

“You will understand comprehend a lot about Bob. Most importantly you will discover Gwen and how powerful she was in Bob’s journey.”

We then asked the actress how she first got involved. “I was contacted by my agents about an audition to play Chita in the series. I remember having to reschedule the audition a few times because of my itinerary”

“I remember being sick with upper respiratory infection and was on antibiotics. I still went because not every day, do I get a chance to audition to play our beloved Chita. I had to try!”


Meanwhile Bianca is excited to be appearing in a new movie. “I will take the role of Tere in a Paramount film in August. It shoots in Albuquerque.”

Fosse/Verdon is airing every Friday at 9pm on BBC Two. The whole series is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.