Interview with London Kills actor BAILEY PATRICK, “The stories are brilliant with the backdrop of London. The show is diverse and full of strong female characters.”

A team of best detectives of London take on its worst and complex crimes. They probe the staged suicide of an MP's son, a groom killed on his stag do, the corpse of a married man discovered by his mistress and a body washed up near the Thames. Whilst DI David Bradford uncovers personal evidence, linked to his missing wife.


Talking to Telly Binge, Bailey says the overall reception has been positive. “The stories are brilliant with the backdrop of London in its full glory. We shot it during the heatwave of Summer 2018 and The World Cup. The American audiences have really enjoyed it and it’s rare to have a show that was made here but shown in America first.”

“It’s diverse, full of strong female characters and has been cast brilliantly by Jane Ripely. We shot an episode a week on three handheld cameras using natural lighting, which brings a real dynamic feel to it. Paul Marquess wanted it to be as realistic as possible, the camera operators and crew captured some unique shots. “The chase scenes were all hand held as well.”

“It’s superbly written by a marvellous team. We were able to produce an episode a week and two seasons over the ten weeks.”

London Kills first began on Acorn TV, before being picked up by BBC in the UK. It was broadcast on BBC One throughout June and is now available on DVD. Starring in London Kills alongside Bailey are Hugo Speer, Sharon Small and Tori Allen-Martin.


Bailey plays Rob in the show. “He is a natural mediator with a background in child protection. He doesn’t mess around and is direct with heavy authority. Rob is like the glue that holds the team together, solid and reliable.”

“He’s a seasoned detective and tells it straight with a great eye for detail. He’s got a good sense of humour which seeps through now and again. He’s not afraid to throw his weight about and show suspects that the team mean business. You wouldn’t want to mess with him, but he also has a way of soothing situations.”

The series itself was filmed in East London. “We had a base at an old University, a fantastic location. I loved the set, it was quite raw basic but functional with crisp clean colours. We had an MIT team room with a tablet and television screens, a soft interview room for children and families, two other interview rooms and a press release room. We also had a huge car park at the bottom of the building.”

“We shot all over the capital when we were on location near landmarks which have been captured beautifully by Nick Manley.”

Writer of London Kills, Paul Marquess describes it as dark stories but not violence and gore. Bailey agrees, “You are going to be more interested in how and why the murders happened, who has committed it and if we catch them.”

“It’s not too complex but still has a sophistication to it, lots of twists and turns. You’ll see a great murder detective series, which is very addictive, fast paced and I think people will enjoy the fact it’s not too graphic.”

The actor also took part in Bodyguard in 2018. “We were in an abandoned business complex in the middle of the countryside. There was a much bigger cast and more supporting artists. The budget was on a different scale really.”

“I felt very happy to land a role in something Jed Mercurio had written as I’ve always loved Line of Duty. I remember watching Ash Tandon and Gina Mckee working, I knew that I wanted to be the one out there investigating and interviewing.”


He will also appear in Good Omens, the new Amazon series. “I’m playing a character called Spike alongside David Tennant which also stars Michael Sheen and a hugely star-studded cast. It’s written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It will land on BBC Two later this year.”

London Kills Series 1 is on DVD and Digital from 1 July 2019.