Budgeted at fifteen million dollars, it’s no surprise that THE KETTERING INCIDENT has made it to UK television. We questioned show actor ANTHONY PHELAN about the show.


Porchlight Films and Sweet Potato Films produced, it was created by Victoria Madden and Vincent Sheehan. The murder mystery streamed in Australia on Foxtel’s Showcase in 2015 and picked up by Sky Atlantic in the UK, being debuted in February.

“It’s outstanding and well worth your time. Tasmania is like a Gothic wonderland, the backdrop is perfect and the location sets it aside from any other television drama.”

The Kettering Incident’s premise shows Anna Macy (performed by Elizabeth Debicki) returning to Kettering. At fourteen years of age, Anna left Kettering when best-friend Gillian disappeared. Fifteen years later and she finds her old town struggling to survive.


Anthony is behind Roy Macy, Anna’s father. He says that her return is unexpected, “Roy is surprised like most people in Kettering. His disquiet is from deep within his memory, emotional scars of the past and her return will create a lot of unease.” The two main policemen are acted by Matthew Le Nevez and Henry Nixon.

“Her return will impact Roy’s life, he has missed her growing from a young teenager to a vibrant, successful and intelligent, yet disturbed young woman.”

Roy Macy is a well-known and trusted member of the Kettering community. He was a senior cop for 35 years and proved a reliable leader.  “Reputations are built and lost overnight, they get shattered daily. Life is like that.”

His daughter’s return has the potential of turning his life upside down, and when Chloe Halloway (Sianoa Smit-Mcphee) also goes missing the atmosphere is toxic. “Suspicion is rife in the drama that unfolds, it’s the fuel and tonic that keeps you wanting more. Vicki (Victoria Madden) has written a gripping murder mystery in the true sense of the genre.”

Phelan has one of the biggest film franchises ever on his CV, being the voice behind Lama Su in Star Wars Episodes II, Attack of the Clones (2002). “It was a career highlight; just to be part of Lucas Films was amazing. I mean discussing how to play a scene with George Lucas was almost overwhelming. I have always been a huge Star Wars fan and got gripped by the opening moments of the first film (Episode IV, A New Hope).”

He continued, “Ewan McGregor and I acted to crosses and dots on a blue wall. Ewan is a good, generous man and an extraordinary actor. Hearing my voice come from images on the huge screen in the cinema was a dream come true.”


Telly Binge spoke to Anthony Phelan in February 2017. The Kettering Incident is currently airing on Sky Atlantic and Now TV. For more information on Anthony, visit his IMDB.

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