If you love television then you probably know of ANGELA LONSDALE. The former Coronation Street and Doctors actress is currently promoting the release of OUR GIRL on DVD.


She starred in the series as Grace Lane, who is the mother of main character Georgie. Talking to Telly Binge she says Our Girl is a journey, “Georgie is a medic in the British Army, she goes on an incredible journey.”

In another interview she described the show as an emotional rollercoaster and added, “You will see plenty of ups and downs, not just in Georgie’s career but in her personal life too. You will be on the edge of your seat.”

So who is Grace? “She is a salt of the earth type of woman, a warm hearted northern Mum who loves and lives for her family. Grace has an extremely close bond with her daughter, who she adores and whom she is immensely proud of. They are like sisters.”


Our Girl has now appeared on our screens for two seasons. The British television drama firstly starred Lacey Turner, who was Molly a soldier aiming to prove herself to 2 Section. This year though saw Michelle Keegan take over the flame as lead actress, becoming Georgie Lane.

Talking about Keegan, Angela was immediately positive and said “It was wonderful working with Michelle. Not only is she an immensely talented generous actress, she is a beautiful person inside and out.”

I was fascinated to know how long it takes to look like on screen family, “There was a bond immediately as we have a lot of friends in common because of Coronation Street. It felt like we had known each other forever.” If you don’t know, Keegan acted as Tina McIntyre whilst Lonsdale became Emma Taylor/Watts in the ITV soap.

A stressful time appears in Our Girl as Georgie is kidnapped, Angela says her character struggled. “Grace is beside herself and doesn’t sleep until she knows her daughter is safe. She is distraught as a mother, especially being so far away.”

You will also recognise Lonsdale because of her acting role within Doctors, appearing as Eva Moore over one hundred times. “I enjoyed working with all the incredible cast and crew. They were all amazing and I am still in touch with a lot of them. Doing a night shoot and being shot on a car park roof as pretty memorable!”


What’s next for Angela? “I have just finished filming a short film with Denise Welsh, Louis Healy and Kacey Ainsworth called Black Eyed Susan. This is a deeply moving and brave piece about depression and it will be going out to all the International Film Festivals next year. I am also looking forward to filming the next series of Our Girl!!!”

Angela Lonsdale was talking to Telly Binge in October 2016. You can now buy Season 2 of Our Girl on DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment’s Acorn Label, alongside a boxset of the two series. To find more about Angela, follow her on Twitter.

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