Interview with KIRI star ANDI OSHO, who appears as Rochelle. She discusses the shocking abduction storyline, being star struck by Sarah Lancashire and her comedy tour future.


Kiri is a crime drama set in Bristol. It centres on the abduction of a nine year-old, and the fallout. Telly Binge’s recent review says that racism, social-work and blame take centre stage.

The child (Kiri) is fostered by Jim and Alice, who have a teenage son. Miriam is a social worker, who is tasked with looking after Kiri’s case. Though soon Miriam’s life will come tumbling down, after a supposedly routine un-supervised visit to Kiri’s parental grandfather Tobi turns sour.

Currently airing on Channel 4, Andi says her character is shocked. “Rochelle is Tobi’s second wife and step grandmother to Kiri. She is a very sweet, well meaning woman who encourages Tobi to reconnect with his estranged son (Nathaniel, acted by Paapa Essiedu). Unfortunately that doesn’t go to plan and she feels guilty about that.”

“She is a very quiet, god-fearing Christian woman. The whole circus of police and journalists that come into their life is bewildering.”

Soon she begins to blame herself. “Rochelle is shell-shocked and racked with guilt. She doesn’t want to believe that Nathaniel would hurt his daughter. She feels terrible and has no idea how to put things right.”


Lucian Msamati who performs as Tobi, recently described the show as shocking - and Osho agrees. “There are so many twists and turns in the story, you don’t really know where you stand.”

“It’s brilliantly written by Jack Thorne, he has done something very special with Kiri. He has created a mystery that also makes us question ourselves as a society. It looks at big themes to do with social care and belonging.”

“Euros Lyn (who Directed the series) is a master craftsman when it comes to high end drama, which makes for some amazing story-telling.”

“The performances are sublime too – though it’s bittersweet for me that I didn’t have any scenes with Sarah Lancashire. I think she is incredible. If I had scenes with Sarah, I would have spent the whole time just gawping because she’s so good!! I loved her in Happy Valley.

Andi says she enjoyed being part of the project. “I really loved working on Kiri. You could feel it was something special. Even though it’s a hard hitting show, there was a lot of humour on set.”

Meanwhile Osho is also known for being a comedian, appearing on shows such as Live at the Apollo. So when can we see her live again? “I took a break from stand up to get involved with some other projects. I still write material, so there must be part of me that knows I’ll get back into it at some point. For now I’m just following this path to see where it takes me.”


She says there are no imminent plans for her career, but added – “I brought a bread maker for Mum, and we have been posting stories about making bread on Instagram, which seem to be a big hit. People seem to enjoy watching me and my old dear throw flour around, so there will be more of that!”

Telly Binge spoke to Andi Osho in January 2018. To find out more about Andi, visit her Official Website.

Kiri is currently airing on Channel 4, 22:00 every Wednesday. You can also catch it online at All4.