Interview with STRIKING OUT star AMY HUBERMAN, who appears as Tara. She discusses Vincent’s inquiry, filming at Dublin and the cast of Cold Feet.

The series (which is now available on DVD) follows the work and personal life of Tara Rafferty. The cast includes Neil Morrissey, Rory Keenan and Fiona O'Shaughnessy. In Series 1, the solicitor had setup her own legal firm – and we soon begin seeing her look at surprising and touching cases.


Though was Tara ready to run her first ever firm? “She was completely unprepared but it was a real sink or swim moment for her. She becomes truly grateful for what was an incredibly challenging time. She was derailed - but she would never have this new world, these new friends and her new path otherwise.”

“Tara has found her feet in Series 2. Her confidence in herself has grown, but there are definitely still struggles and a certain omnipresent pressure from her adversaries.”

Drama certainly ensues when Vincent’s inquiry is wrecked. “Tara has both a personal and professional investment in the inquiry. Vincent is a close friend, so she really wants to see him succeed and does all she can to help.”

“They come to blows though when they are at odds about protocols. Things become a bit heated for a while.”


Series 1 proved a big success, with it hitting over half a million viewers at times. Amy says people enjoy the vast storyline. “It covers so much. It encompasses the legal storylines, which bleeds into human interest pieces which so many of us can relate to.”

“We have an innate human curiosity about relationships; how they work, are tested, break down or rebuild. We see a lot of that in Striking Out. There’s the main characters too, who we get to know and we get to learn their personal trials tribulations.”

Huberman and the crew filmed in Dublin throughout the show, with areas such as Hanover Quay swarming with activity. “I am Dublin born, so it was a real joy to film in my home city. I got to rediscover it through fresh eyes and ended up filming in locations I had always known, but not particular that well.”

“Our director and DOP were Swedish, they did an incredible job of capturing the beauty of Dublin. Most of the rest of our crew were locals, but we had the best time together filming and even got decent weather!”

Meanwhile you’ll also recognise Amy from Cold Feet (Sarah, Series 6/7). “I was so chuffed to be involved. It was quite scary joining something that was almost an institution. I was also playing with fire because Adam’s love life is such a focal point in the series.”

“Most of my scenes was with Jimmy (James Nesbitt) and I loved working with him. He’s become a good pal.”

So what’s next? “I’ve just finished a nice little part of a fantastic ITV drama. Now I’ve got my head down on my own writing project. It is a six part comedy series, and we will go into pre-production very soon.”


Telly Binge spoke to Amy Huberman in March 2018. Follow her on Twitter for updates.

Striking Out Series One is available on DVD now. Series Two and Series One & Two Box Set are released on 23 April 2018.