We are lucky to have such a great entertainment source as television! This list rates the BEST TV SERIES OF 2016, these are the shows what most people in the UK raved about! It comes as no surprise that some of them were popular all over the world!

We have only picked six from 2016, they are rated with Eduzaurus as the most viewed by the audience. Though there are so many other interesting and popular shows released each year, so undoubtedly, there are many thematic shows to satisfy everyone’s needs. You will actually find everything you want, just start listing!


What did you expect to head the top? Did somebody say GAME OF THRONES? You are absolutely right! The world famous TV adaptation of George R. Martin’s book series was the most watched.

The popularity of this show has even successfully eclipsed the story of Harry Potter! People around the UK have been looking forward to Season 7's release, and they were not disappointed!

The second most popular show of 2016 was an entirely different genre. THE GRAND TOUR is not exactly Top Gear, but the features and presenters were pretty much the same.

No-one can doubt it was one of the most anticipated and successful automotive shows to date. Since Jeremy Clarkson's scandalous events we waited to see the results of his new show on Amazon, most people were delighted!


PLANET EARTH 2 is third in our list of popular 2016 series. It’s not soap, a detective, historical or fantastic based TV program, what’s so special about it then? To tell the truth, everything to be seen in these series is special. Animals, ecosystems and environments.

Planet Earth 2 won’t let you stay ice cold. Whether you are a car guy, a football fan, a classic movie lover or a historical film admirer, these cute and hilarious animals combined with breathtaking natural landscapes are what touches the soul and relaxes the mind.

A creation of BBC Worldwide Studio and HBO reached number 4. Go back to 2008 again when the famous British “Criminal Justice” was making noise in the world of entertainment TV, THE NIGHT OF is a remake (or something like that).

What does make this 8-series mini show sweet and mind-attractive - is the in-volute plot. It’s always interesting to see a show, where you not only watch the action but also try to understand the meaning behind the rich action plan. In other words, it turns the viewers into detectives!


A drama series is at five. THE CROWN translated Netflix's channel into taking the attention of million and it has even won a Golden Globe award. People are always interested in the life and history of the Royal Family, so the shows success is not a surprise.

It follows the Royals in the middle of the twentieth century. The best we can do is advise history and drama lovers, to watch it soon!

Another BBC 1 translated film, named 'DAMILOLA, OUR LOVED BOY' gets into 5. The crime drama is based on a real life tragedy - the death of Damilola Taylor in November 2000.

This season raises a number of ethical and criminal issues.