Do you think you are a true fan of The Simpsons? It's time to put that theory to the test with 15 questions

This quiz features some very easy questions, and some tricky ones.

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Good luck!

When was The Simpsons first broadcast?

Which of these have never been part of The Simpsons main family?

Before becoming a series, The Simpsons was created as Shorts - but which show did they appear on?

How many episodes of The Simpsons are they?

Who is this Simpsons character? (1)

Who is this Simpsons character? (2)

How long did it take to compose The Simpsons' theme tune in 1989?

In 1998, TIME Magazine named which character as one of the most influential person of the century?

Who voices Bart Simpson's character?

Who is the Creator of The Simpsons?

Which of these was released as a Video Game?

How long does it take to create an episode for the series?

Which of these Celebrities have NOT appeared on the show?

Which programme does The Simpsons appear on in the UK?

Out of these, which Cartoon DOES appear on The Simpsons?