The seemingly ordinary lives of ordinary housewives wrapped in mystery have brought excitement, intrigue, as well as extraordinary fashion tastes of the main characters. Apart from having a great psychological depth and intriguing personalities, the star ladies from the Sky Atlantic series BIG LITTLE LIES also possess distinctive and equally enticing fashion styles which are designed to flatter not only their figures, but also their characters.

Bonnie Carlson
Bonnie’s free spirit and exotic beauty are reflected in her style which certainly doesn’t lack charm. This yoga instructor has an aura of effortless beauty and her clothes are in harmony with her nature.

Despite being petite, long kimonos and flowy dresses that she often wears don’t overwhelm her figure. Bonnie doesn’t flinch in front of more eccentric pieces, but wears them casually and naturally. She complements her outfits with long beaded necklaces and bracelets, and ethnic scarves.

If you want a look that Bonnie would approve of, then don’t be afraid to experiment, embrace ethnic patterns and accessorize in that style.


Renata Klein
The structured style of Renata Klein breathes with calmness, balance and class - even in the moments of uneasiness. Her outfits reflect her fine taste, elegance and power. As a career-driven woman, she certainly doesn’t save on her clothes.

Renata has an eye for details, as well as an outfit for every occasion always featuring the finest of the finest. Every item of her outfits is labelled, from luxurious sweaters, to the smallest pieces of her accessories. Her elegance and sophistication are portrayed using darker shades, predominately black.

If you want to capture the essence of her look, be prepared for pencil skirts, tailored dresses, close-fitting blouses, and a sizable investment.


Madeline Martha MacKenzie
Madeline’s carefully balanced and well-calculated style is a perfect reflection of her obsessive nature. Her outfits feature dresses with bold floral prints and the ‘50s vibe, buttoned cardigans and stylish belts creating a polished and lush look (you can find similar gently used dresses online).

Her style is also perfectly complemented by a collection of chic bags in neutral, but eye-catching palette, knee-high boots over her jeans, and, of course, heels. It’s quite obvious that Madeline tries very hard to look perfect and meet the expectations of her environment.

Her attempts to look picture-perfect raise questions regarding her intentions.


Jane Chapman
Being a newcomer in the town, Jane attempts to blend in, rather than stand out from her new environment, which is reflected through her style. However it’s her simplicity that draws attention since all other women have distinctive styles.

Jane is also a single mom putting her son’s needs before hers, which is why her clothes are plain and practical. She combines skinny jeans with oversized sweaters and dark pea coats.

Her practicality is reflected in her flat boots and crossbody bags, so make sure to have them in your wardrobe if you want Jane’s casual style.


Celeste Wright
Unlike Renata, Celeste wears expensive clothes more naturally having an elegant, but understated look. Celeste actually has two different styles – one is intended for her professional side and features bodycon dresses and chic blouses, and the other one is more free-spirited and bohemian.

Her look has a romantic flair consisting of long flowy dresses, neutral hues and subtle luxury. Despite having an abusive relationship, she appears calm and collected, which may well be her attempt to hide the truth.

To have Celeste’s effortless beauty, make room in your closet for polo neck jumpers, tight leggings, long cardigans and jeans.


The Sky Atlantic series Big Little Lies has presented convincing characters with untold secrets, mysteries and distinctive styles.

Each of these ladies expresses their own personalities through their outfits. So if you want to capture their tastes, this is where you should start.

Gabriella Diesendorf

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