The adventure thriller filmed in the entourage of the 1980s, STRANGER THINGS became one of the most discussed series of last summer. The plot of the first season told about mysterious incidents in the American town of Hawkins, where the secret government research center was located.

Conducting experiments, scientists opened the door to a dangerous paranormal world, where a bloodthirsty monster, who got a chance to penetrate our reality, is hosted. Two seasons of the series are already filmed. Directors are planning to daze fans with a new part of the series.

Here you will find out what to expect from another season of stranger things.


What is the story about?
The story begins with disappearance of young boy Will. His Mum, Brother and three best friends (main stranger things characters) begin their investigation. Shortly after Will's disappearance, short-haired, taciturn girl, endowed with strong telepathic abilities, appears in the vicinity of Hawkins.

Fortunately, she meets Will's friends, who are looking for him and becomes their main hope for saving Will - whilst a ruthless monster from Upside Down begins to hunt kids.

Upside Down
Paranormal world or Upside Down is another dimension that exists along with human world. It has the same locations and objects, but at the same time, this universe is much colder, darker and foggier.

On the other, darker side, habitual forms of life are entirely absent, and landscape is covered with intertwining roots-tentacles and biomembranes. The only known inhabitants of this dimension are predatory humanoid monsters.

Dustin compares Upside Down with the Valley of Shadows from Dungeons & Dragons. The paranormal reality is the echo of our world, the place of decay and death. It is always near you, but you do not even notice it.

The Demogorgon
The monster, called Demogorgon, is a predatory upright creature from the Other Side. He penetrated our world through a gate opened in the laboratory during an experiment, and later learned to move between worlds, creating temporary gates and taking its victims with it.

Demogorgon is attracted by the smell of blood and attacks both humans and animals. Demogorgon takes away Will to the Upside Down in the first episode of series and kills Barb, the friend of Mike’s sister, Nancy.

The Mind Flayer
This enormous creature appears in the second part of the story. It has the ability to penetrate and take control over human’s mind.

The Mind Flayer have multiple limbs in the form of tendrils and vines. In one of the episodes, pockets of Mind Flayer’s mist strike Will turning the boy into a host of the creature.

Stranger things season 3: predictions
The new season of stranger things was released 15 months after the debut of the show. Despite the massive popularity of the first season of the show, Netflix has been waiting for more than a month to approve the second part of the series.

In an interview, dedicated to the release of the second season - Matt and Ross Duffer said that in the new season, various stories would be combined into one. Ross Duffer commented that the brothers have started working on the third season of series.

The creators of the series confirmed that third part is in development from the beginning of this year, after Stranger things star, David Harbour accidentally allowed this information to spread.

This is despite the fact that Netflix has not officially announced the extension of the show. Nevertheless, given popularity of stranger things episodes and comments of the Daffer brothers about the long-term plan for four or five seasons, it's no surprise that Netflix wants to continue stranger things story.

Directors say Netflix wanted the Duffers to shoot three and four parts as quickly as possible due to the growth of actors. Duffer brothers and producers want to avoid such a hasty production schedule to create more engaging plot.