Looking for a new series to watch in October? Here's our four top television picks.

Escape (C4) Series begins on Sunday 1 October

Four skilled people are left stranded at a simulated crash site, in a hostile environment which is days from civilisation.  These will be hostile environments and challenging terrains - such as desert, snow or water. The groups of four must use their own shelter, before escaping using their own generated power.

Their only hope is to build a new vehicle from the debris. Can they work together to escape before their rations run out?

starring Ant Middleton

The Gifted (FOX) Series begins on Sunday 9 October

Set in the X-Men universe, The Gifted follows an emotional story of a residential couple who are stunned by the sudden discovery that their teenage children possess extraordinary mutant powers.

The family are forced to go on the run from a hostile government. Soon they seek help from an underground network of mutants, in the hope of learning to fight and survive.

starring Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind

Press image of THE GIFTED (airing on FOX)

Timewasters (ITV2) - Series begins on Monday 10 October

Comedy about a four-piece jazz band who travel back in time to the 1920's. Our gang are soon left stuck in the past, and are left stunned at what the reality of being young and black in the Jazz Age is really like.

Gabriel is a Met Detective - enigmatic, unrelenting and charismatic. He is on an obsessive hunt for a serial killer who left a mark on him both mentally and physically. The killer is caught before the drama moves backwards in time to the very beginning, the crime itself.

starring Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Kadiff Kirwan, Adelayo Adedayo

Snatch (AMC) Series begins on Tuesday 31 October

Hustlers find a truck full of gold and are throw into the deep end of organised crime.

Can they somehow learn to navigate the dangerous land of London's underworld? Soon they will meet international mobsters, gypsy fighters and even rogue cops.

starring Rupert Grint, Luke Pasqualino, Dougray Scott

Press image of SNATCH (airing on AMC)