Looking for a new series to watch in November? Here's our four top television picks.


Sick Note (Sky One) Series begins on Tuesday 7 November

A lie goes out of control in Sky's new dark comedy. An out-of-luck call centre worker Daniel is told he has a terminal illness. Surprisingly this makes this improves his life, especially after it turns out his doctor got it wrong.

They decide to keep the mistake a secret, but soon one lie is leading to another! Soon the pair find things going very badly.

Comedy starring Rupert Grint, Nick Frost, Don Johnson

Howards End (BBC One) Series begins on Sunday 12 November

Based on E.M. Forster's novel. Howards End will explore the class and social division in 1907 England, looking through the eyes of three families.

The four part series will follow the intellectual Schlegel's, wealthy Wilcox's and the working class Bast's.

Drama starring Philippa Coulthard, Hayley Atwell, Matthew Macfadyen


The Long Road Home (National Geographic) - Series begins on Tuesday 7 November

Gripping series focusing on the events of 4 April 2004, aka Black Sunday. A small section of soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division of Fort Hood are ambushed in the Sadr City (Iraq).

This is a heart-filled journey which will follow the action on two battlefronts. The chaotic streets of Iraq, and the homefront at Fort Hood. Both the young soldiers and their family members will need unthinkable bravery as the story unfolds.

Drama starring Michael Kelly, Kate Bosworth, Sarah Wayne Callies

Armchair Detectives (BBC One) Series begins on Monday 20 November

Three amateur detectives head to Mortcliff, to solve a deadly crime as the audience watch from their own armchairs. They will watch the drama play out as we visit the scenes-of-crime and make inquires with local residents.

Each episode will introduce you to new clues and suspects. The mystery though will be hard and can you and the Armchair Detectives catch the correct culprit?

Whodunnit starring Susan Calman, Stephen Billington, Sarah Baxendale