Nick Clark is the deuteragonist, or second-most important character in the Fear the Walking Dead series. His character has had a very difficult past, which has involved a severe addiction to drugs. While he is quite intelligent and talented, Nick has had great trouble with heroin and it creates problems for his family.


His past attempts to quit the drug have had mixed results. He has experienced periods of recovery as well as relapses. Even if he is not using heroin, Nick starts searching for other substances he can abuse. His intelligence shines through in certain situations, however.

For example, Nick identified that some supposedly infected people were not actually infected but were actually dead. Nick then prevented A, his sister, from visiting the character Matt Sale because he knew Matt would already be dead.

Nick is a complex character who can also be selfless. He gave Griselda Salazar his OxyContin (oxycodone) in one instance because she suffered from an injury and he wanted her to use the drug to help ease her pain.

His biggest problem throughout the show has been his addiction. Before the apocalypse happened, Nick had been in and out of luxury rehab facilities many times. He even met his girlfriend Gloria in rehab. Gloria eventually passed away because of a heroin overdose but is resurrected. Nick, however, is someone who returns to his lifestyle of addiction. He ultimately cannot stay away from drugs. His cravings for drugs often take over and he cannot avoid his need to abuse substances.

This character is an interesting contrast to Troy Otto, another main character on Fear the Walking Dead. Troy seemed to be a more hostile and volatile character than Nick. Troy has killed to protect others. Other times, he showed that he could be a bit of a sadist or psychopath. He followed the beliefs of his father, Jeremiah, in isolating himself from the outside world.

Troy help saved Nick, which could mark a big change for Troy as a character. Yet, this action does not seem to be totally out of character, since Troy has shown a more humane side in the past. During the “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame” episode, Troy deliberates about killing Madison, Nick's sister. He considered killing her, but withdrew his knife. In a reversal, Madison kills Troy in a later episode.

Nick's journey will continue without Troy. Madison's murder of Troy could lead to interesting developments in season four. Troy’s destruction of the Broke Jaw Ranch is the reason Madison goes after him. After Troy's murder, the dam explosion causes his body to wash out into the flood.

Some fans might rationalize that Troy’s fate is karma due to the numerous deaths that he caused directly or indirectly. Troy’s fate will likely affect Nick and the other characters as season four begins. Nick, too, will need to recognize how to overcome the challenges posed by his addiction to see whether he can continue to survive in the post apocalyptic world of Fear the Walking Dead.