Finished all the Easter chocolate? Saving it for the right moment? Covered the funny man in a bright blue police box, or Rowan Atkinson's pipe-smoking Parisian detective, already? Streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime have you covered this month.

So whether its drama or comedy, settle in and lose yourself in another world. Here are some of the more memorable choices.


You Me Her (Netflix, comedy)

A Netflix exclusive from Canada, You Me Her explores the developing three-way - polyamorous relationship between a man, his wife, and the escort both are beginning to fall for.

Greg Poehler (brother of comedienne Amy) and Rachel Blanchard play husband and wife Jack and Emma, whose declining sex life leads Jack to escort Izzy to begin with. There's a feeling of genuine warmth to You Me Her, particularly in scenes between Blanchard and Rookie Blue actress Priscilla Faia's Izzy, whose wit and humour draws the couple's sense of adventure out once more.

All credit to Poehler and Blanchard, but it's Faia's portrayal of the liberated, free-spirited, never-short-of-a-quip student Izzy that steals the show and that lights up the screen.

The second season is currently airing in Canada, so expect a Netflix release at some point later in the year.


Ingobernable (Netflix, thriller/action)

Perfect for those with a passion for the political intrigue of Borgen and the murder mystery of The Bridge. Ingobernable is Mexico's offering to an ever-increasing range of subtitled foreign language dramas from the other side of the Atlantic. Featuring La Reina del Sur lead Kate del Castillo and Sense8 actress (and Ingoberanble co-creator) Eréndira Ibarra.

Del Castillo plays First Lady Emilia Urquiza, whose separation from her husband will have deadly consequences for those around her, and threaten to shine light on a conspiracy determined to maintain the political status quo.

A fascinating fictionalised look at a country forever on the brink of civil war between the government and the cartels, Ingobernable is one for fans of intrigue and action alike.

Red Oaks (Amazon Prime, comedy)

Set at an exclusive New Jersey country club during a long 1980's summer, Red Oaks stars Craig Roberts (Submarine, The Story of Tracy Beaker) as David, a teenager working as a tennis coach whilst navigating the world of his high-flying clients, his fellow seasonal workers, his girlfriend and his parents crumbling marriage.

Set to a backdrop of eighties hits, Red Oaks explores themes of growing up, growing old and moving. As the summer progresses, bonds are tested and new relationships develop.

The show's third, and final season is due to drop in 2018.


13 Reasons Why (Netflix, drama)

Netflix's critically-acclaimed adaptation of the Jay Asher novel is a heartbreaking and brutal exploration of reasons behind a seemingly inexplicable suicide of a teenage girl that rocks a small Californian town.

A breakout performance from Australian newcomer Katherine Langford steals the show, as, piece by piece, her character speaks from the beyond the grave to reveal the failings that led ultimately contributed to her death. At no point does 13 Reasons Why shy away from issues of the source material, instead meeting issues like depression and sexual violence jarringly head-on in a manner that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

It's gripping and at times uncomfortable viewing, featuring some outstanding acting from its young cast - lead Dylan Minnette (Saving Grace)  and Alisha Boe are both excel in emotionally challenging roles - but right from the off, know that there'll be no happy ending. Television at its very best.

Also on offer:

  • Netflix's Marvel super-foursome in preparation of The Defenders (coming 18th August) and The Punisher (TBC November 2017)
  • Bosch on Amazon before it's season three premiere on 21st April,
  • Award-winning fellow Amazon series The Man in the High Castle