Television has always been so important to me. Having epilepsy as a child, I wasn't always allowed out to play much. TV and films became a staple of my life.

I knew what was on every channel every hour of the day. I was my family's TV guide, they actually used to call me Teletext.

I would watch a film almost every day, not caring how many times I had seen it before. My favourite films were Footloose, Grease, Sleeping Beauty and Adventures In Babysitting. (still actually my top films). Thankfully I don't ever remember my Mum telling me I watched too much TV.

Even from an early age, I remember watching Button Moon, Rainbow, Willow The Wisp and Marmalade Atkins.


My sister and I had a TV in our room when we were younger which was pretty unheard of back in 1983. It was black and white and had a twisty knob to tune in the TV channel.

We would watch Chips, Monkey, Fame and Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

In the day when my sister was at school, I would watch children's morning TV with the legendary Play School and Moomins then lunchtime brought Lets Pretend and Puddle Lane. Very fond memories.

When I grew up to be a teenager I found out that I am a distant relative of John Logie Baird. Maybe that influences my love of television.


Although I never had any desire to become an actor or work for a TV station, I have always loved writing. I was always rubbish at writing stories at school and hated Drama class - so I was and always will be a watcher, but am loving reviewing and content copy!

As I've gotten older, technology has brought many more TV watching options which I love. I have fallen into the Binge-watching culture and I love every moment of suspense. I have a lot of time on my hands in the evening, so it's very easy for me to find something new but I love the classics too.

I'm sorry to say that I never really liked The Office. It was so well written and performed but it was just too cringy for me to get through. I'm sorry, Ricky, I think you're fantastic but this was too good for me to cope with. I know that's a negative-positive thing to say but my brain just couldn't handle it.

However, The Office US was much easier for me and Steve Carrell was perfect for the part of Michael Scott. It was more humorous than toe curlingly cringy and I loved the appearance of Ricky Gervais as David Brent in series 7. Genius!

I love how television is so convenient and no matter how lonely or bored you might be feeling, it's always there for you. Waiting for you and giving you comfort if only for background noise. For a short amount of time, you're transported and none of your worries exists anymore.

It can take you through every emotion and transport you to planets and places you've never been or will ever go.

Television can inspire you and educate you, entertain you and shock you. It's a lifeline for many and a vessel of education for others.