THE OFFICE US was packed full of emotion. There were plenty of highs and lows for the workers at the Scranton branch at Dunder Mifflin. Here are a few of them.

First aid

In Stress Release, the fourteenth and fifteenth episodes of season five, Stanley (Leslie David Baker) has a heart attack, thanks to a fire drill by Dwight (Rainn Wilson). As a result, Corporate issues first aid training to all the employees at the Scranton branch. What ensues is nothing short of a farce.

The training lady does her best to instruct Michael (Steve Carell) and fails miserably. When she instructs him to pump to the beat of Staying Alive, the room breaks into song and dance.

Mix in Dwight’s carving of the practice dummy and you have a scene that leaves you on the floor, laughing.

Jim and Pam’s First Kiss

For two seasons, Jim Halpert keeps his crush a secret from Pam. That is until the season two finale, Casino Night.

When Jim (John Krasinski) tells Pam (Jenna Fischer) that he’s in love with her, she leaves him in tears. He then follows her to the office, where she is on the phone with her mother. When Pam notices Jim, she puts the phone down, and Jim walks up to her and the two kiss.

It’s a beautiful scene, and it leaves season two on a cliffhanger.


Andy Punches a Wall

Did you know Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) went to Cornell? Well if you didn’t, where have you even been?

In the fourteenth episode of season three, titled The Return, an annoyed Andy is driven to anger by a prank pulled by Jim and Pam, when they hide his phone in the ceiling. After much ringing from the mobile, Andy turns angry and puts his hand through a wall.

It’s both funny and devastating to see.

Jim and Pam Get Engaged

The moment so many of us had been waiting for. In the first and second episodes of season five, collectively titled Weight Loss, Jim and Pam get engaged.

Pam is in New York for her art classes, and Jim is in Scranton at Dunder Mifflin. The two decide to meet halfway, after missing each other so much.

They meet at a gas station, and we watch on from afar as Jim drops to one knee in the rain, before the two embrace.


Michael Leaves

This was a real tearjerker. Appropriately named Goodbye, Michael, the twenty-second episode of the seventh season sees Michael leave The Office and his friends behind as he goes to be with his fiancé, Holly (Amy Ryan).

He has an emotional goodbye with all his employees, especially Jim, but the best goodbye comes last when Pam rushes to the airport to say goodbye to Michael.

It’s perhaps the saddest moment in the entire series, and it still brings a tear to the eye to watch as Michael removes his microphone and walks off with his suitcase trailing behind.