Are you are a working hard geek or just a student with a great number of assignments without the help of writing service EduBirdie? You probably have just one thing to chill out with – nerd shows on television.

These days TV is well-developed, we all have lots of opportunities to watch various programs with the highest quality and impressing diversity. Almost all nerdy TV shows are available online. All you need to do is just to pick one you like and watch it.

I decided to create a Geek TV Shows Top 5. Obviously my own taste was a reference for this list, but I’m not too sophisticated and picked up the most popular shows. Those shows are usually well-known to the audience, and you can easily find them online if it is no longer available on TV.


Big Bang Theory, E4

This is the most interesting and hilarious sitcom about geeks ever made. Your inner geek will be satisfied for sure. Nevertheless, it is one of the best TV series, standing in line with such hits as Friends and Scrubs.

This sitcom is well-known for its nerdy humor and funny main characters Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Penny. The whole receipt of Big Bang Theory show success was simple and made it popular even among people not considering themselves geeks.

Without a doubt, nothing great can last forever, and the show slowly began to lose its charm and previous hook with nerdy themes. Producers still don’t consider the show being unsuccessful and have started working on the next season already.


Doctor Who, BBC

Doctor Who was renewed in 2005 and became a huge hit among the various audience. The main plot goes around a time-traveler and his adventures. If you love a time traveling theme, this show is exactly what you need.

It's not just about TV and entertainment - because it became a cultural touchstone of our time. It is the most popular, successful and longest-running sci-fi series in history. Besides the great plot, it also catches the audience with humor.

A real must see for any geek.


Mythbusters, Discovery Channel

While looking for something to satisfy your imagination, you can watch something more about real science. Legendary show Mythbusters would be a Christmas present for all of you geeks out there.

How does it work? Well, everything is simple. Fans ask the Mythbusters to check out a legend and to prove or bust it. The team including Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will get to the core, whilst making you laugh and well-entertained.

You can be sure they will satisfy your inner nerd and make your brain work out a little bit too. Those two are experts on special effects and stunts, and now they also help people to get rid of legends, myths and disbelievers.


Almost HumanDVD

JJ Abrams is well-known for his sci-fi hits. Almost Human is his new journey to the world of science and other reality.

The plot moves around time in the not too distant future where a regular Los Angeles cop fights crime with his android partner. Perfect for a start, isn’t it? Well, robot partner is not the only thing this great show can offer to the audience.

Almost Human was meant to air on Watch in the UK, but never aired. You can instead pick it up on DVD.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, E4

The list for nerds and geeks would be not full without a show based on comics. In this case, I recommend this show as a reference to a Marvel hit called The Avengers.

Joss Whedon is the creator of this impressive show which is telling you the story right from the moment where the Avengers movie left us.


Nicole Lewis

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