Brian Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) - Family Guy

BBC3's and now ITV2's most loved talking Labrador! Brian was picking up as a stray by Peter, and has has lived with the Griffin family ever since.

Brian's most loved qualities are his intelligence, car driving knowhow and frequent relationship mishaps. He loves jazz and opera, but is also a smoker, alcoholic and recovered drugs addict.

He was one invited to write for The New Yorker, before being fired because he did not graduate from college.


Dino (voiced by Frank Welker) - The Flinstones

Our only pet dinosaur. Dino is a snorkasaurus and is the pet of Fred and Wilma Flinstone, who debuted in the first episode. He frequently leaps onto Fred, yapping happily and licking his face.

He loves to play with kids, such as Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles. Though can also become angry, when he starts to snarl and snap.

Amazingly Dino did speak for just one episode! The Snorkasaurus Hunter saw him talking, answering the phone, dusting and ironing. Though before and after the episode mentioned, he has only ever barked and been like a dog - ie not doing house choirs.

Marcel - Friends

During the first season, Marcel was Ross's pet capuchin monkey and appeared frequently. Though his starring role reduced in future series, he did make the odd cameo.

The television series explains this in 'The One With The Fake Monica' - where Marcel reaches sexual maturity. He humps everything insight and an upset Ross is informed that he will have to give him to a zoo.

San Diego Zoo accepts him, he goes into a Monkeyshine Beer commercial and then a movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Salem Saberhagen (voiced by Nick Bakay) - Sabrina the Teenage Witch

The Witches Council punished this character to spend 100 years as a cat. Salem is atcually a 500-year-old witch.

He is quite a selfish and power hungry individually, scheming throughout series to try and take over the world or cause trouble. Though viewers will know he has a more, fun, loyal and nicer side.

Salem talks, and we once found out he once attempted to dominate the world.


Santa's Little Helper (sounds by Dan Castellaneta) - The Simpsons

Family Dog of Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa - We first saw Santa's Little Helper at the dog track. Homer and Bart bet on him to win, but the dog finished last. The owner abandoned him, so The Simpsons' brought him home!

He often chews on the newspaper, tears up furniture and steals food from The Simpsons' house.

Homer and Santa's Little Helper share the same birthday (May 12).


Schmeichel - Coronation Street

Foud on the doorstep of Tyrone's house in 2004, the puppy was adopted by Chesney Brown. He survived a bus running him over in 2005 after an operation.

Most famously, the dog once climbed into Les and Cilla's bath, which caused it to crash through the floor and fall into the Living Room.

Anne Lunt owned the dog away from the screen, and revealed there had been four dogs playing the role - due to ill health or deaths of the previous three dogs. Lunt also owned border terrier Eccles and Labrador Ozzy.

Vincent - Lost

Walt's yellow Labrador Retriever was the only non-human to survive the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

He has been looked after by Walt, Shannon Rose and Bernard whilst on the island. Viewers have also noticed that he is often present just in time for something bad to happen.

Vincent has been portrayed by two dogs - with one being Madison (female) and another Pono (male).


Wellard - Eastenders

Robbie Jackson found Wellard after he ran away from his own Mr Hammond. It turns out that the former owner has been mistreating him.

Jackson famously chose Wellard over a relationship with Freida. She was allergic to dogs - and gave him the ultimation.. it was either her or the dog! Poor Freida...

The Belgian Tervuren has been in many famous storylines - including saving Gus after a crash and biting Ian Beale on the bum.