Sunday saw Jimmy Fallon host the glamorous 74th GOLDEN GLOBES. A unique celebration which brings together Film and Television.

Unfortunately Film still takes top billing, but it is still an exciting fought competition for the best TV show. Unlike most award shows around this time the Golden Globes uniquely breaks the main awards into two categories, Drama and Comedy or Musical.


In the drama category can you believe that Game of Thrones has never won? Well it still hasn't despite being the biggest show on the planet. The Crown took the honours this year and going into their 7th season means it is unlikely Game of Thrones will ever taste success at the Globes. Shows are rarely rewarded this deep in. While it is still dominant, there has been whispers of the show starting to trail off in quality too.

The Crown was a worthy winner after being a tremendous success for Netflix in 2016. It depicted the life of Queen Elizabeth II immediately after her wedding in 1947. Starring Claire Foy and Matt Smith, it was lauded for its portrayals of the most famous family in the world (after the Kardashians).


The Hollywood Foreign Press were spoilt for choice for TV shows in the drama category. They read like the ultimate binge watch list. Joining Thrones on the losers bench but definetly not forgotten was Stranger Things, Westworld and This Is Us.

Stranger Things took many of us back to a nostalgic period of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas peak years. It was one of my personal favorites and is yet another example of streaming sites, Netflix in this case, showing they can make top level TV just as well as the networks. Not that regular TV aren't still pumping out cracking TV though, with HBO's Westworld one of the stand outs.

It was not enough to take the Globe away from The Crown though. It ticks all the boxes for the Hollywood Foreign Press. They notoriously enjoy more mature drama and especially when it comes in the form of a costume period piece. The award has gone to Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire in the past for example.

In the Musical or Comedy category the contenders were Atlanta, Blackish, Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent and Veep. Veep is an american take on The Thick Of It from Scottish writing royalty Armando Ianucci. It is expertly steered by Julia Louise Dreyfus, though it is in danger of becoming less satire and more reality now after the unpredictable results of the most recent election. The winner of this category for the last four years however have been newcomers.

It was no suprise therefore that Atlanta fitted the bill for the H.F.P.A and took the award. The show that stars Donald Glover could be one of the best shows of 2016 let alone 'just' a comedy. Combine that with its freshness it was an obvious and deserved winner.


Of all the shows on offer there is nothing like Atlanta, and I am delighted when this is rewarded in award season. TV Shows which bring new ideas should be rewarded.

All in all it was yet another great year for TV and I can't have too many complaints about these two shows taking top spots at the Golden Globes.