There is no doubt that Yuletide is the most wonderful period of the year as you and your family gather around the television. If you are a kind that loves spending holidays indoors, you will need to choose the perfect CHRISTMAS SHOW for you.

With the right choice of previous Christmas TV shows you will be left laughing, nostalgic or with that nontraditional perspective of the holidays. So, which is the best Christmas TV special?

We have trawled Netflix archives searching for the best Christmas TV show episodes. These are not only the movies that lift your mood, but ones that bring out winter spirit in an amazing way. We have also included the latest TV specials 2016 that are at the top when it comes to the Yule atmosphere. Let’s go through top 5 TV shows about Yuletide!


A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965

This cartoon remains one of the most popular Christmas TV specials ever. There, Charlie Brown attempts to get rid of depression that may come with holidays.

He tries to organize a Christmas pageant for his school conspiring with his comic friends. However, challenges arise when Charlie attempts to direct rehearse, but his friends ignore him while others are uncooperative.

Charlie gets to a point where he is exasperated, and he questions whether people understand the meaning of the holiday. He gets the perfect answer from Linus.


Frosty the Snowman 1969

This is another special Christmas cartoon to make your holiday season funnier. It involves a tale about bringing a snowman to life. The comedy features Jimmy Durante’s voice and school kids who built a snowman referred to as Frosty.

There was also the hat of an inept magician that was stolen from Professor Hinkle by Hocus Pocus, Jimmy’s rabbit. The kids took this hat and put it on the head of Frosty bringing him to life. Meanwhile the magician Professor Hinkle was demanding his hat back.

The kids realized that Frosty would require a place that is colder, like the North pole, to survive. They went through lots of adventures trying to save Frosty and escape from the magician!


A Benihana Christmas (The Office) 2006

After finding his photoshopped Christmas card, Michael Scott is dumped by his girlfriend. This leaves him heart-broken especially because he had already pre-booked a trip to Sandals, a resort in Jamaica.

He ends up going to Behinana with his buddies Andy, Jim and Dwight. Andy and Michael can find dates with the waitresses at a restaurant.

When they get back to the office, a conflict arises between three of their colleagues Angela, Pam and Karen on the planning of their party. Pam and Karen decide to hold their own party, and this angers Angela. Pam and Karen decide to combine both parties. Meanwhile, Michael and Andy are left with their new catch. However, Michael is lucky to find someone to go with him to Jamaica.


Roasting on an Open Fire (The Simpsons) 1989

The festive period is spoiled for The Simpsons, after Homer discovers that he is not getting any Christmas bonus. Whatever they had saved went towards the payment of the removal of Bart’s tattoo. With no idea on how to break the news to his family, Homer is advised by his friend Barney Gumble to take another job as a Santa at a mall. Bart makes a surprise visit to Homer, and he pays him less than the expected amount.

Barney gives Homer another advice. They get to a greenhouse racing event, and Homer bets his money on the last entry dog. Dog doesn’t win, and an owner rejects him.

Bart argues Homer to take a dog home, and he reluctantly agrees. It turns out that Santa’s Little Helper is the perfect Christmas gift for the family.


Ludachristmas (30 Rock) 2007

The mother, father and brother to Liz Lemon arrive for a holiday in NYC.
Colleen, who is Jack Donaghy’s mom also comes for Christmas. However, the two families don’t mingle in a jovial way.

Jack’s mother tries to convince him that the Lemons are a screwed lot. During dinner, Liz engages in an argument with her parents who make a revelation that she is actually 40.

You will enjoy this episode if you are familiar with family issues during the gatherings!


The above five best TV shows for Christmas will make your holiday season memorable if you are going to spend winter holidays at home.