Channel 5 goes the most Summer Festive, by bringing Make Or Break from sunny Mexico to our screens. BBC will air their brand new drama-thriller Trust Me, which is set to be in four parts. Meanwhile there are also debuts for Blood Drive and I'm Dying Up Here.

Trust Me (BBC1) 
Series begins on Tuesday 8 August

Originally a skilled nurse, Cathy loses her job for whistle-blowing and takes an opportunity to steal her best friend's identity. Now known as Ally (a Senior Doctor in Edinburgh), she soon falls for Andy.

We follow Ally as she fights to keep her false life, as her old persona begins to try and bite back. If she can achieve a new start for good, her dream job and man are in sight.

starring Enum Elliott, Jodie Whittaker, Blake Harrison

Make or Break? (Channel 5)
Series begins on Wednesday 7 August

Eight couples go to a Mexican tropical paradise to see if their relationship can last. Experts will be giving each duo the tools to make their relationships' better with sexy challenges and therapies.

The catch? On entry, the couples will all be put on a break! Everyone will swap their partners every 24 hours. When the games begin, will the couples stay faithful or stray?

starring Elli Olivia, Stephen James, Elle Darby

Cast of MAKE OR BREAK (airing on Channel 5)

Blood Drive (Syfy)
Series begins on Thursday 10 August

Set in a near-catastrophic future, an LA cop (known as Arthur Bailey) is forced to join a cross-country death race. The journey will be twisted whilst the cars are powered by blood.

He will have to keep a very special eye on his mysterious female partner, who sees most people as fuel. (the series contains a vast amount of blood, gore and swearing.)

starring Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Colin Cunningham

I’m Dying Up Here (Sky Atlantic)
Series begins on Wednesday 16 August

Exploring the struggles of making it big in the 1970's. Every night a group of up-and-coming comedians wait to perform at Goldies, a stand-up club in The Los Angeles comedy scene.

The comedians have to first impress Goldie, who rules the Sunset Strip. They have to soon come clean with their darkest thoughts and secrets, hoping that somebody will laugh.

starring Melissa Leo, Ari Graynor, Clark Duke

Cast of I'M DYING UP HERE (airing on Sky Atlantic)