April promises to be great month in UK television, bringing shows such as Prison Break back from near death. Meanwhile we are really excited to see the debut of Guerrilla

APRIL 2017

05 April Hosted by Chris Packman, Me and My Dog will bring eight owners and their dogs to the challenging terrain of the Lake District, as they go head-to-head and aim to become the ultimate champions. This unique contest will test both mental and physical, aswell as the owners relationship with their canine. Canine scientists and dog training will try and unlock everyone's potential.

starts at 20:00 on BBC2
starring Chris Packman

10 April Michael Scofield was presumed dead in Season 4, but with the return of Season 5 it is looking increasingly likely that he is alive! Filmed in Morocco, Prison Break sees Lincoln and Sara team up with three escape artists (Sucre, T-Bag, C-Note) as they aim to visit Yemen's Ogygia Prison and find out whether Michael is really breathing. The visit of Yemen will not be straight forward though, as the country is in the middle of civil war.

starts at 21:00 on FOX UK
starring Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies

13 April Drama set in the 1970s, Jas and Marcus are political lovers who have formed a cell with their activists and friends as part of a black movement. Based in London, a racist police force are dedicated to crushing the group. Guerrilla aims to ask the question, what if the original Black Power movement in London had used extreme violence?

starts at 21:00 on SKY ATLANTIC
starring Idris Elba, Babou Ceesay, Freida Pinto

15 April Yes, Series 10 of Doctor Who is finally about to hit our screens and will see the Doctor to the forefront of the cosmic battlefield. Matt Lucas is set to return whilst the first episode will contain the Daleks. Peter Capaldi has already confirmed it will be his final series as Twelfth Doctor, so expect FIREWORKS!

starts TBC on BBC ONE
starring Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Michelle Gomez