While everyone is still taking in the results of the US election, it is sometimes easy to forget that DONALD TRUMP's public persona was born on the TELEVISION.

He was always going to be a wealthy property developer, but there are hundreds of faceless billionaires. Not many of them have had a TV show that catapult them into the public eye though.

Does having exposure like this give you an unfair advantage? There has been precedent of actors taking their skills from the screen to the masses. Here are a few that have shown they’re in touch with the common man, by being millionaire Hollywood actors.


Ronald Reagan

Reagan proves that Trump’s election is not as crazy as it first seems. It is not the first time the country has elected someone from the entertainment industry.


Ronald Reagan was famed for his cowboy films and his acting career led him to become the President of the Screen Actors Guild and towards politics after dealing with labour disputes. He started as a democrat in Hollywood but quickly became a Republican.

He became Governor of California in 1967 and held the role till 1975. He ran for the Presidency in 1976, losing to Gerald Ford, but it was the 80’s that belonged to Reagan. He governed for two terms and most notably survived an assassination attempt just 69 days into his first term.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Another Californian Republican, Schwarzenegger was always going to be sitting on the right side of politics. His gun toting films and penchant for driving in gas guzzling Humvees were never images that endeared him to the liberal Hollywood.


He was a virtual surrogate of Reagan and even helped him campaign in 1985. It was destiny then that he would follow him into the Californian Governor’s seat from 2003 until 2011. His campaign was marred by sexual misconduct allegations.

When he was in power, Schwarzenegger was involved in a suspicious commuting of a colleagues' son's manslaughter sentence. He was so controversial, his home country of Austria was contemplating removing his citizenship.


Clint Eastwood

Eastwood is a vocal Trump supporter and his on screen hard man persona appears to be reason enough for some not to mess with him in campaigns!


He has been involved in politics his whole life as a Republican, only removing his support after Nixon’s disastrous Presidency.

He became mayor of his hometown of Carmel-By-Sea California in 1985. He is keen on environmental issues preserving them in the Monterey area whilst also joining the California State Park and Recreation Commission hanks to Arnie and successfully preventing a road cutting through San Onofre State Beach.

He is also in favour of gun legislature despite guns often being part of his film back catalogue.


Kal Penn

Not all actors who have entered Politics have been on the right. Kal Penn, of Harold and Kumar fame, took two separate sabbaticals to serve under President Obama in the White House. He worked as Associate Director of Public Engagement in 2009. His character had to be written out of TV giant House because of this.


He also played major roles in Obamas second campaign, hosting the 2012 Democratic National Convention and serving on the President’s Committee of Arts and Humanities upon his re-election.

He claims this interest in Politics came from his grandparents, who marched alongside Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian Independence movement.


It seems that actors can convince not only the electorate, but politicians that they have the skills to make it in politics. Maybe it is their in-built confidence, but one thing is for sure, they are no more susceptible or defensive against the same mistakes our actual politicians make. Maybe that says more about our politicians now, rather than judging whether actors are qualified or not.