The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will be slightly different than what most are used to on Saturday, when the finals take place. Significant changes to the voting system at this year’s Eurovision to make it less political plays in to the hands of our entry, Joe and Jake, but in truth political and neighbouring affiliations will still play a part. Justin Timberlake is also going to be performing making this event now truly global.


Eurovision is one of the longest running TV shows in the world and also one of the most watched with hundreds of millions of people tuning in for the extravaganza showcasing all things European. Traditional songs, Pop songs and some downright bizarre entries are common place at Eurovision.

It started in 1956 with just seven nations, but now has 42 competitors whittled down to 22 on the final night. Lichtenstein, Vatican and Kosovo are the only countries never to have an entry. Morocco was once a participant in 1980, and showing it’s growing popularity around the world Australia were in it last year. They return this year and therefore their large viewership too, which will please the Eurovision Broadcasting Union.


2016 will see a straight shootout between Russia and Ukraine and with current political tensions tight between the two it will be interesting to see what happens on the night.

2016 Eurovision Song Contest Preview

Ukraine’s entry by Jamala is about Josef Stalin kicking her Grandmother out of the country too, so don’t expect Russia to give them any points!

Unusually France could be a dark horse. They too have a made a huge change this year mixing their French lyrics with English.

Despite winning it twice in the last four years Sweden are back as a favourite again with Frans. His charming boyish good looks could bring back to back wins for the Kings of Eurovision.


The voting changes are the first since 1975. Instead of all the points awarded coming from only the public vote, this year will see 50%from voting and 50% from a professional judging panel.

Also different will be the arrival of major popstar like Justin Timberlake. He will bring some credibility to the event which contains a Belarussian singer who has performed naked with a Wolf. Last year’s winner Max Zelmerlowe will present the event live from Stockholm with Petra Mede.

Joe and Jack are the UK’s representative, and while they may be dreaming of glory most of us will deem one point good enough. Though they have been well received in rehearsals. You never know however with these changes UK could grab an opportunity.

One thing that is not working in their favour is the current political situation. With a referendum on the EU coming in June it is not known how the reaction will be for the UK. Whatever happens though I expect Graham will be on top form as he walks us hand in hand through the bizarre wonderland of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Oh and look out for a surprise appearance by BBC Pointless presenter Richard Osman giving the UK results!