After really enjoying the first part of the OUTCAST series on FOX UK, the second half wasn't really doing it for me. I started to feel like the main plot was beginning to drag.


The season ended a few weeks ago, and I have just now finished the final 2 episodes.

Despite my feelings stated above, I did enjoy those last couple episodes, and am very curious about season 2. I found myself wondering if the demons possessing the citizens of the town are actually demon".

In the finale, Sidney made a quick remark to Kyle that "we come from the same place you do." Without getting too much into what that could mean, it's interesting to think about. I really like the premise of the show, but feel like the acting brings the show down.

I'm not fully invested in truly loving any character on the show, and I really dislike the actor that plays Reverend Anderson. I also think the writing could be a tad better, as a lot of the dialogue is bland and the episodes get kind of boring at times.

I really hope that the reveal of what is actually going on, comes early in season 2, as the matter is still up in the air. I'm not a fan of dangling plot lines in TV or movies. There's a difference between delaying things for effect and just flat-out bad storytelling, and I feel like this show is really straddling that fence.

With some fine-tuning for season 2, I think Outcast can be a really interesting show. I'm a big supernatural horror fan, so shows like this or one like Preacher are ones that I really want to like, but so far, the jury's still out on them. I think my positives and negatives are pretty even, but I'm definitely willing to give season 2 a chance.


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