After the fallout with both Reverend Anderson and his ex-wife, Kyle is trying to institute normalcy in his life. He has gotten a job and has begun sending money to support his daughter. During lunch with Megan, she tells Kyle that she's proud of him, but gives him back the envelopes of money he's been sending, as his ex isn't ready to accept it yet.


Anderson is shown looking over old video tapes of his past exorcisms in an effort to confirm his work over the last 20 years hasn't been in vain. After viewing tape after tape, he eventually comes to the realization that Kyle was right, and all of his exorcisms have failed. He has a possessed man trapped in his basement and is seeking ways to work without Kyle's aid, but nothing seems to be working.

Mark is trying to make headway with the case of the camper in he woods. He has a woman in the station whose DNA matches that of the fingernail he found, but the woman is being uncooperative in aiding Holter's questioning.

Kyle is attacked by Mildred at his home one night, and she is trying to steal the power within him. Before she can fully absorb Kyle's power, she is abruptly stopped by something off-screen.


The next morning, Kyle sees Sidney at his deceased neighbor's house and questions why he is there. Sidney would later factor into the episode, having chastised (and eventually killing) Mildred for going against his "plan".

Back at work, Kyle has a vision of a spirit and abruptly leaves work to find Anderson. The two almost get into a fist fight over an argument (classic Kyle/Anderson) before the man in Anderson's basement breaks free. Kyle succeeds in exorcising him and the man, Caleb lives. This prompts Kyle to later tell Anderson he will work with him again but will be the one calling the shots.

The woman Mark had in the station shows up at fire chief Ogden's home, telling him about her experience with the police. It's uncertain just what connection the two have, but it's all connected to the camper in the woods.

The end of the episode shows Sidney attack Anderson and warns him about continuing his work, carving a pentagram into his chest.

One other plot point was with Megan. She receives a phone call form an unknown number, which turns out to be from Donnie. He tells her Mark put him in there and begins to blackmail her. It's not perfectly clear what he wants in order to maintain silence to keep Mark safe from legal action, but you can use your imagination. Mark returns home late from work later that night and tries to get into bed, but Megan and her daughter are in there and she tells him not to disturb her. It's pretty obvious she has severe guilt over whatever Donnie wanted and can't bear to have Mark near her.

This episode was one of the weaker ones for me. Coming off of a week without a new episode and getting back into the show was actually a little difficult at first. When shows have a week or multiple weeks off, it's common that the next episode will really be ramped up in terms of action or intensity, and I feel like this episode didn't deliver that same way. It was a fine episode, but I just missed that added layer of something extra or new that I would have wanted to see.

I'm still very interested in the plot of the camper in the woods, Kyle's battle with the demons, and finding out who Sidney is. Loving this series still.

- Aired on FOX, July 19 2016 at 22:00. Available on FoxNow


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