After discovering that Reverend Anderson's past exorcisms might not have fully taken, he and Kyle set out to check up on the "formerly" afflicted. Kyle is desperate to see his ex-wife, Allison, to see if she is still possessed.


After Kyle shows up to her house, the meeting goes wrong when his daughter comes outside and curses at her mother. Allison is furious with Kyle and sends him away before he can touch her to see if she is still possessed.


Anderson and Kyle would then find a young girl named Sherry, who is still possessed. After she tries to possess Kyle, she is left in a vegetative state in a hospital, much like Kyle's mother. During the altercation, Lisa tells Kyle of his importance to the demons, saying that he is the key and the light.

Allison would later show up on Kyle's doorstep to find out what actually happened the night she was assaulted. Kyle can't bring himself to tell her about anything demon-related and Allison leaves angry.

Chief Giles is investigating the trailer fire, thinking that his friend and fire chief Ogden has something to do with it. When DNA results come back matching the finger nail found at the scene, it matches a missing girl named Lisa. While Giles is about to confront Ogden, Officer Holter calls and tells Giles that the girl ran away from her boyfriend but is still presumed alive.

The mysterious man, Sidney, appears at the home of Mildred. Sidney has something to do with the demons, as Mildred tries to transfer her demon into his body but fails. She mentions that she will not survive "the merge" but no further explanation is given on the topic or who Sidney actually is.

I'm very anxious to find out just what the demons' plans are and why Kyle is so integral. The character of Sidney seems to also be playing a major part of the rest of the season as we are getting more scenes involving him. Whether he, too, is a demon or something else will surely be revealed. Kyle's relationship with Allison and the unknown circumstances of her possession and exorcism are still a big mystery that I am eager to find out about.

Still thoroughly enjoying the show!

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