Episode 4 of Outcast thickened the plot in a few ways this past week. Kyle and Reverend Anderson visited an elderly woman whom Anderson had exorcised in the past. After a strange meeting between Kyle and the woman, he got the sense that she was still possessed, as he touched her arm and she reacted the way others who have been possessed did. The woman's daughter kicked the two out after Kyle convinced Anderson of his thinking.


The man who Megan saw last week, Donnie, was revealed to have been another foster brother of her's, and sexually assaulted her as they were kids. The incident has clearly scarred Megan. After a "chance meeting" during a dinner date, Megan sees Donnie as he introduces himself to her husband, Mark.


Megan later goes to Donnie's hotel room and threatens him to leave. Mark would get more information from Kyle about Donnie. Mark would confront Donnie, beating him bloody.

Chief Giles would further investigate the trailer in the woods, as the watch that was found belongs to a man Giles knows. It's unclear just who this man is and what Giles is suspecting, but the plot is intriguing.

This episode really served to build on the season's plot. I like how there wasn't any exorcisms in this episode. Megan's backstory with Donnie is helping to serve her character well, as well as Mark's. The woman that Kyle believes to still be possessed was extremely creepy in her own right.

Also brought up was the fact that Anderson had performed many exorcisms over the years, acquiring little trinkets from each case. If the woman is still possessed, a lot of Anderson's work could still be left unfinished, as he and Kyle wil have to check out each case.

Solid episode all round.

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