Following the events of the first episode, Reverend Anderson is now hell-bent on getting as many parishioners into Sunday Mass as possible, in order to combat the demonic presence in the town.


Chief Giles, during a conversation with the reverend, warns him about Kyle, as he is wary of his return to town, based on the events of Kyle's childhood with his mother. Many of the people around town also are wary of Kyle, giving him intense looks whenever they see him.


A local man brings in a bag, filled presumably with something dead in it, dripping with blood, into the police station, claiming someone nailed dead animals to trees around his property. Chief Giles and officer McGarry would later investigate, finding numerous raccoons disemboweled and nailed to trees, also finding an abandoned trailer with claw marks and blood stains inside.

During a visit with his mother, Kyle sees the poor condition of his mother's room and decides to take her home with him. As he is trying to care for her, he begins having intense flashbacks of his childhood and what his mother put him through. The flashbacks continued throughout the episode, chronicling the horrific upbringing Kyle had, further explaining why he is the way he is,

Reverend Anderson, being named as Kyle's mother's emergency contact, is notified by the facility she was taken from and finds her at home with Kyle, where he asks for an exorcism. Kyle believes that the demon may still be in her, causing her condition. The exorcism fails and she doesn't seem to still be possessed. Kyle would later return her to the facility, as he knows he cannot give her the adequate care she needs.

The end of the episode sees a mysterious man in Ms. Barnes' room, where he tells her that "they have Kyle", as a tear comes down her face. It is unclear who the man is at this point or what his intentions are.

This episode was very different from the pilot, in that there were no intense possession scenes, except for the flashbacks. It did a really good job of showing Kyle's childhood and how his mother's possession messed him up mentally and emotionally. Though slower than last week, I still really enjoyed the episode and am really loving the show so far.

- Aired on FOX, June 14 2016 at 22:00. Available on FoxNow


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