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Starving Polar Bear

Footage of a starving polar bear, has once again risen awareness to the problems surrounding wildlife and global warming, such as melting sea ice. Paul Nicklen and filmmakers from conservation group Sea Legacy found the poor animal earlier this year.

The video shows the bear struggling to survive, with a very bony frame and potential muscle atrophy. Looking for food, the bear finds a trashcan - but is unable to find food and collapses onto the ground.

This Morning Call Wrong Winner!

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield called the wrong viewer in an awkward This Morning segment. Their aim was go give away £5,000 - they even had 'Cash Cow' and Alison Hammond ready at the viewer's front door to give the money away - but the door-answerer wasn't on the phone to the studio!!!

Phillip looked very confused, saying "Is this Mrs Ashwell", "No" came the reply. They then asked the lady to look out their front door... The 'Cash Cow' wasn't there!

When it rains, it pours! This Morning's team had called the wrong phone number and giveaway an extra £1,000 for the embarrassment.

Bromans Brutal Moments

If you miss ITV series Bromans, then you will love this! The channel have put together the most brutal moments from the eight weeks.

It features battles and screams in the Bedroom, Cesspit, Colosseum, Kitchen, Spa and Street.

There has been no confirmation on whether it will return for a second season.

Banned Royal Mail Ad

An advert which was intended to raise awareness, has been banned from television. Royal Mail had created it to show the serious crime of identify theft, suggesting that it is now more important to protect your identity, than your money.

The Advertising Standards Authority have stepped in, suggesting it was 'likely to cause fear and distress' to viewers.

The ad itself featured a gang of men in balaclavas. They enter a bank, grabbing staff and visitors various times. Instead of robbing their money, they ask for information such as full names, date of births and log in details.