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Piers Morgan Gets Pied!!!!

Piers Morgan has got a pie thrown in his face during a live broadcast!

It all happened on Good Morning Britain, when British comedian Harry Hill showed Morgan and Susana Reid how to add whipped cream to a pie!

Soon after Hill shouted, "This pie is for all those men that wear papooses. It's for Ross Kemp and Daniel Craig!" - before chucking it at Morgan! Whether faked or not, we loved it! I'd put it up there in great moments of 2018 TV.

Hill himself is busy advertising his new tour, which is a family-friendly funny show.

Fake News Report?

It was supposed to cause mass-panic, and Hurricane Florence did kill 11 people. Though it has quickly been downgraded to a tropical storm - winds have unexpectedly eased.

So reporters including Mike Seidel of Weather Channel, have been mocked - after appearing to exaggerate effects at Wilmington in North Carolina.

Seidel can be seen struggling to hold position, as the wind batters his position. Unfortunately in this same live broadcast, two pedestrians dressed in shorts walk-by too - without any issues. Oops

Danny Dyer’s Acceptance Speech

Danny Dyer has been honoured with the Best Soap Actor prize at the TV Choice Awards - but his acceptance speech turned into a David Cameron jibe.

He thanked his Eastenders cast for their support, saying it is a great place to work - before suggesting the viewers only voted him winner because his daughter Dani won Love Island (fair). He then went onto add he may have become popular by calling the former Prime Minister a t**t.

Dyer also joked that he couldn't remember winning the award last time.

REM Friends Theme Tune?

Did you know the Friends theme tune was originally penned to be REM's Shiny Happy People! The news was revealed in 2016 and now users on Reddit has found the show's credit sequence featuring the famous song. The trailer features clips from the pilot, along with New York City visuals.

As you'll know, the theme tune I’ll Be There For You was eventually picked.