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Pompeii’s Final Hours – Channel 5

Looking at fresh evidence surrounding a volcano's eruption which destroyed Pompeii. The show begins on October 22 79AD, two days before the destruction.

Raskha joins a live dig, whilst John will visit Naples to find out how the Roman way of life has survived for over 2,000 years.

Starring Bettany Hughes, Raksha Dave, John Sergeant
Begins Wednesday 30 May on Channel 5, 21:00 

MisFITS Like Us – BBC Three

Having a confirmed condition like tourette's can be difficult, especially if you don't know anybody who is the same.

So what would happen if strangers all met and spent time sharing their experiences? Could somebody in need, be able to change their life forever? This experiment meets three young people living with three different conditions.

Starring N/A
Begins Tuesday 22 May on BBC1, 22:45 

Deep State – FOX

Max Easton is an ex-spy, who's caught between the past and present. He is brought back into the spy-game after the death of his son.

He is soon caught in the middle of an intelligence war and a conspiracy to profit from the chaos throughout the Middle East.

Starring Mark Strong, Alistair Petrie, Anastasia Griffith
Begins Thursday 5 April on FOX, 21:00 

Come Home – BBC One

Married for nineteen years, Greg and Marie seem like a normal couple. When out of the blue, Marie walks out on him and her three children. Why would Marie make such a shocking decision? Could a child ever forgive their Mum for abandoning them?

Expect a roller-coaster drama which will provide plenty of flashbacks, viewpoints whilst asking you (the viewer) questions about their own demons. Expect changing alleigances and emotions.

Starring Paula Malcomson, Christopher Eccleston, Kerri Quinn
Begins Tuesday 27 March on BBC One, 21:00