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Gunpowder – BBC1

English Catholics are in hiding and living scared, following the crowning of King James of Scotland. The Crown's brutal methods though soon results in Robert Catesby devising a plot to kill King James. He must first enlist the aid of allies and heads to Brussels to seek the help of Guy Fawkes.

Starring Kit Harington, Peter Mullan, Mark Gatiss, Liv Tyler
Begins Saturday 21 October on BBC1, 21:10 

X Company – HISTORY

Five highly skilled young recruits are torn from their ordinary lives to train as agents during World War II. They will go to the shores of Lake Ontario and learn how to parachute behind enemy lines. Soon though they will be fair game for both executive and torture.

Starring Jack Laskey, Evelyne Brochu, Warren Brown, Dustin Milligan
Begins Tuesday 10 October on HISTORY, 21:00 

Celebrity Showmance – ITV2

Six single celebs have been paired into three fake couples and set challenges, to prove to people that they are indeed real! Can they persuade their family, fans and friends that they are a couple? Who will generate the most comments and likes on social media to win the crown?

Starring Chloe Sims, Hayley Hasselhoff, Jamie O'Hara
Begins Wednesday 4 October on ITV2, 21:00 

Law & Order True Crime – Sky Living

Serialised anthology series which follows The Menendez Murders. An in-depth drama following the case of the Menendez brothers, after the brutal killing of their parents in Beverly Hills. The show will dive into the crime, the media circus and also day-to-day battles of the trial.

Starring Eddie Falco, Anthony Edwards, Gus Halper, Miles Gaston Villanueva

Begins Thursday 28 September on Sky Living, 21:00