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Raising awareness of a problem sadly being faced by ocean conservationists over the next 10 years: the loss of coral reefs. Cameras follow a crew, including Environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr. They dive and delve into the RED SEA. A theory; the coral there can survive such warm waters because it has heat-tolerant algae, therefore adapting…
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What would happen if a major American city was hit by a major virus which could not be treated? Who would get blamed? How would they stop the outbreak? Could the law survive in a state of panic? CONTAINMENT was a limited series which explored the questions in an explosive drama on E4. Storyline 4…
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Inspired by Helen Mirren’s character in Prime Suspect, Kyra Sedgwick is Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a specialist in interrogating the worst of the worst, and the new head of the Priority Homicide Division. A tough woman in a man’s world, her experience in intelligence taught her how to handle criminals. Her…
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19-2 (2014) VERDICT

Set in Montreal, 19-2 follows a group of patrol officers as they attempt to keep their city and their personal lives in order. Adapted into English from the original French-language series, this Canadian series shows the challenging, and often spontaneous, requirements of policing in a twenty-first century metropolis.   Storyline 4 Acting 4 Visuals 4…
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