Each is a livvagt, literally bodyguard, part of the Danish Police’s Intelligence Service (PET), akin to our own MI5. Three of the newest recruits – Jasmina, Rasmus and Jonas – are thrust into the shadowy world of close protection, where their protectees face threats from stalkers, white supremacist, Islamic extremists and foreign intelligence services.



Storyline 4
Acting 4
Visuals 3
Soundtrack 3
Overall 4


Don’t be put off its age. Though initially broadcast in 2009 and 2010, the issues faced by our three brave protagonists are more relevant than ever. The Protectors is undeniably a slow-burner, with each story spread over two hour-long parts. Yet the character-driven storylines, and its desire to shine a light on issues such as religion, race, mental illness and grief, make for some truly compelling, moving moments and twenty hours of gripping television.

Look out for: Thomas W Gabrielsson. Eagle-eyed viewers will recognise the Swedish-born actor, who portrays the PET unit chief, from the final season of The Killing.

Starring Cecilie Stenspil, Søren Vejby, André Babikian

Year Broadcast: 2009

Wikipedia: Link

Available on DVD, international Netflix, and Amazon Video.



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