Raising awareness of a problem sadly being faced by ocean conservationists over the next 10 years: the loss of coral reefs. Cameras follow a crew, including Environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr. They dive and delve into the RED SEA.

A theory; the coral there can survive such warm waters because it has heat-tolerant algae, therefore adapting to rising sea temperatures. This Red Sea coral could hold the answer to helping the rest of the world's coral reefs.


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Called the 'ocean's rainforest', coral reefs are the life support to a quarter of all known species of fish. I do feel hopeful about the future of coral reefs, having heard and read about on-going conservation efforts.

Look out for: Viewers will no doubt see the negative effect had on coral; we need to realise the health of coral reefs can't just be ignored. You will see the beauty of the ocean; the coral reef itself, the rock forms, and the life that exists in those waters.

Starring Mark Halliley, Philippe Cousteau, Paul Rose

First Broadcast: 2008

Wikipedia: Link

Available on:  DVD

Seb Gretton

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