In the METALOCALYPSE episode entitled Murdering Outside The Box, a man is killed when his head is impaled by a diamond encrusted codpiece worn by William Murderface, the degenerate, alcoholic bassist for the band Dethklok.


The idea of watching an entire series consisting of a constant stream of scenes similar to the one described above would cause many people to recoil in disgust. However, those of you who are fans of gore-filled horror movies and/or extreme metal music who have never heard of the show Metalocalypse - will be doing your twisted, demonic souls a severe disservice if you do not begin binge watching this show as soon as you finish reading this review.

Metalocalypse follows the perverse, violent, outlandish exploits of Dethklok (a massively popular death metal band). Every member of the group is a stereotypical, hedonistic, pampered rock star and is also a stereotypical metal-head with a vehement love for all things macabre.

The episode in which Dethklok singer Nathan Explosion assumes, and then abuses, the governorship of Florida treats viewers to one of the show’s recurring themes. That theme is the band members’ indulgence of their various depraved impulses.

However, there are other times when the guys make the world a better place like when they reunite a cocaine-addicted circus clown, the former singer of a different band, with the band that he once fronted.

Unfortunately, for those around them, most of Dethklok’s escapades result in mass numbers of people somehow getting brutally killed.




Although it is not as clever or captivating as some other adult-oriented cartoons, Metalocalypse will surely thrill certain types of telly viewers. Those viewers include metal music fans who will take glee in Dethklok’s performances and the frequent cameos from real-life metal musicians.

Look out for

If you’re someone with delicate sensibilities who decides to watch this programme, the only thing you’ll need to look out for will be the projectile vomit that will be splattered all over the walls of your home after you’ve tried to get through five minutes of one episode.

Starring: Brendon Small, Tommy Blacha, Mark Hamill

First Broadcast: 2006


Available On: Amazon Video and DVD Box Set